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Begin your day with Appreciation

Welcome each new day,
start today with a renewed appreciation for the world
around you… and the people in your lives.
With the world rapidly changing, we need to continue
to evolve, that sometimes means changing how we see things.
At one times their was a family structure that very different from what we see in a lot of families today. Especially here in North America.
In Canada and I believe in the U.S.A. we have something called Mother’s Day, which is one day set aside to celebrate our Mother’s, or the women in our lives who are Mothers, GrandMothers Great Grandmothers, which is nice. It really is.

However when I look around, I see that many women today are not just stay at home moms. They more often then not are wearing multiple hats, mother,sometimes they even have to be the father too (single parent family). They hold down one and sometimes 2 jobs not including the role of being a Mother which is full time. It is hard work being independent and self sufficient,

PL Principle #11 – Realizing that children are God’s children, I will raise my child to become a useful citizen for others and society. Realizing also that children are mirrors of their parents, I will not raise my child indulging in my own emotions and just wanting to satisfy my feelings of love.

The quote I’ve used today by Dorothy C. Fisher is a statement to be applauded.

Let’s be in Tune With the Times.   -Begin your Day with  Appreciation

Blessings and love to each and everyone of you, Now and Always.    YOU are my Sunshine!!!!

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