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… look beyond the fear of the unknown…

93ed939dd2e5b1073bc9d3b379838049the Universe is vast

NGC 6302 is a bipolar planetary nebula in the constellation Scorpius

mean anything to you, no not really

but it does exist, and it is part of our galaxy

look into my eyes, really look

what do you see, can you see beyond the eyes looking back at you

can you feel the invisible web that is weaving

and binding us closer and closer

do you see beyond the fear of the unknown

…we can speculate all we want…

the Universe is vast

and nothing in our past

will give explanation

to what is happening now

you and I, are endowed, we are

 part of the spectrum of life

energies bound together by

similar wavelengths

our frequencies in tune

…we hum in harmony…

is there a real need

to know why?



God is everything, to see TAO in everything,

makes life the greatest adventure there is.

a loop ofo plasma 4x size of earth, erupts from the sun, from BuzzFeed

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