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paint time


Good day everyone….

No two artists when looking at a blank canvas see the same thing.  Two photographers looking in the same area, along the same street, will each have a different “capture” in their lens.  Ever heard these words.. ” you were there, didn’t you see bla bla bla”   Well, you both might have been there at the same time, but you both very likely didn’t see the same things.  Each would have viewed the scene or circumstances from his/her own perspective.

Now the word “artist” what does it imply?   Or the word “crafter”  are they one and the same… hmmmm. you thinking about it?

Does it come down to how quickly you want your pant to dry?  No two mediums dry the same way ,even when choosing an ink pad, you have to know what you want to do with the ink you are using.. if you use the wrong kind, your inks can bleed or run… even when you thought it was dry… kinky right..


That is why I love life and all the artist challenges it provides.  When I make the wrong choice, .. I get to start over or try to work with the results of my 1st choice. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it just doesn’t.  A friend draws in chalk, she lives the moment, when it is gone, she has lived the experience,  and moves on.. that is a beautiful way to let go.

I loved the play of shadows and light on the bramble above.  It struck me at that moment that it was full of intrigue. Today should I see it again, I might not give it a second glance. It would simply be a mass of twigs and branches waiting for spring  and rejuvenation.

La vie est belle, it is our perception that can cloud or colour our view.

I prefer arylic and water colours to oil… why…. paint time… =^_^=


PL Precept #1  Life is Art



Feel the heat, know the hunger

that mixes with the wonder

of discovering that Nature can be so beautiful

yet, so complex, and full of mysteries

an ice cave, inside a volcano

could this really be

yes deep down inside under the crust of the earth

Nature’s awesome wonders

continue to be a fascination

that are forever bending and challenging

my understanding and appreciation

of what IS

china,red beach

because it isn’t in my immediate reality

does not mean it does not exist

or that it isn’t so…

it simply means I have not been there yet

or the experience is one I have not had


Love is much like the above

we tend to want to categorize and romanticize love

yet time and time again

we learn, that only in letting go of preconceived ideas of what it should be

do we discover that it wasn’t that at all

when we allow love/God into our lives,

we thrive

no matter who we are, where we are, ” what” we are

all living entities/beings, respond to love

kindness, understanding towards one another

can change the world

when we explore what is beyond our known reality

we discovers the wonders, the glorious, the unfathomable

star forming,hubble

Love transcends our realities

be open to the wonders of life


PL Precept # 21      Live in Perfect Liberty

  • Russia (admin.seepicz)
  • China,Red Beach (admin.seepicz)
  • Mars.atmosphere on (admins.seepicz)
  • a star forming,Hubble Space Telescope





In conversation with a friend, she asked me a question about feelings, and hurts, something that had been bothering her for some time.In PL fashion, I replied “life is  mirror”  Intelligent and thoughtful, she was quiet for some time, then she said, I have heard that before, but I don’t know that I understand“.  Then I had to pause, reflect and meditate on her response.  My reply had been simple to me “life is a mirror” but in fact when I thought about it.  I have had years of living with this perspective, and each time the challenge crossed my path, I learned a different lesson.  fortunately our relationship is such that we converse over a period of days and even weeks sometimes.. so I have  had time to “chew” on this one.

When we are hurt, sad, perplexed by the “perceived” action of others,  we own the reaction, we own the thoughts.  No one else is feeding them to us, they are ours, and ours alone.  It may take some time, but at some point in time, we realize that the choices we made were our own.  What takes longer is choosing to accept and own the situation you are living. The strength and courage to remove ourselves from the cycle of hurt, vulnerability and dependency.  OOOHH OUCH did I actually say that word,  write it, (takes a moment to read back a few lines)… yes I did, I said dependency, not a word I liked to associate with, but over the years I’ve learned to accept that it has been a lesson I’ve had to address more than once.

Mirrors, they can be our friend or our hardest task master.  Melody Beattie in one of her books, said “Go with the flow” let go of fear and your need to control.  Relinquish anxiety, ”  I read those words many many years ago,  I’ve never forgotten them, I remember highlighting them and reading them over and over again for weeks.  She talked of being present, accepting where you are and who you are. Taking ownership of your emotions, actions and thoughts.  Mirrors are a tool, they will only project to you what you are “seeing” in that moment.

When we look into a mirror, the only eyes looking back into ours, belong to “ me,myself and I.”  Express your appreciation for your SELF today, look in the mirror, smile and say “thank you”  ..Then find someone else in your world to say thank you to, saying it out loud is empowering, and a very nice sharing of a moment.  Not only will the person you are thanking feel a smile, you will too  One smile at a time we build a better future!



Do you value your intuition?

Do you act on your intuition?

photo 1 (10)


When a thought pops into your mind, do you suddenly have that ahh HA! moment, in Pl we believe that it is a nudge from a Higher Power…. God is sending a message.  We hear so often “act on your gut instinct”  don’t hesitate, usually your first choice is the right one.  Have “faith”, do it, make that decision, or make that move.  Life is NOW, we really don’t know what tomorrow will bring…  if you miss it, it can’t be replayed, or relived.

Feel the JOY of being in the NOW….. Let Go and Live.   Oyashikiri

Blessings to you and yours, today, tomorrow and always.

photo-  snow and evergreen by Q


Diabetic in denial

Diabetic in denial

I am a diabetic, I have known now for maybe 8 – 10 years. Yet not until today, did I get good instruction and educational information on what being diabetic means.
Knowing something, and acceptance are two different things.

I met with a certified diabetes educator and the pharmacist where I get my prescriptions filled. Both took the time, to go over with me what diabetes can do to a body over time, and what the medications are that help control symptoms and hopefully work so that the “patient” can live a balanced and healthy life.

I had asked for a consultation with the minister at church, and at that time I asked for a Mioshie.( Available to members this is a special request that is sent to Japan, where it is then prayed and focused on by special trained ministers. When the response comes back, it is given to you via the minister at the church, left with you to meditate and pray on the suggested lessons. Then there is further consultation with the minister to help you work through what will help ou to improve you situation.)  For more exact definition of what Mioshie is, we can have Rev. Eugene  explain it further?

My head is reeling with all the information that came at me today, one of the visual demonstrations of what is happening to my blood when my sugar levels are high, left no doubt in my mind that I would have to go back on the medication(s).  I have to go back to zero, and start with a lower dose of the one drug.  The others I will hold off on, till I see how this one drug does.  I don’t want the headaches back.  I took 1/2 a tablet at 4:30 pm and now at 6:50 pm, I’ve got a whopper of a headache.  So, down go 2 Tylenol, the stress of thinking of the start of another drug infestation is sending me running  for cover.  sigh.

Time to retreat – lay back – and allow my inner self to assimilate  the information I learned today.  I will try to “let go” and allow the voice of “divine wisdom” to filter through my human reaction to all of this.  Let go, Let GOD

photo -http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost%20Eden/45/21/21

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