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stuck or paused



Finding a balance between past and the present. – Find a good balance between your present and past experiences.

Appreciate the strengths as well as the shortcoming in others.

and today’s thought.. PL. day 23rd.  Once you’ve set out to do something, it is your job.  If you accept a task, made the choice, took the option, whatever, own it.

In PL we believe that when things happen to us, always there is a meaning, or a reason, our actions, behaviours brought us to the/that moment.

buddha waits 2We are not cast in stone, we are not without feelings, nor are we unaffected by the world around us.  Change is the only constant in life, each day, each day, brings a new NOW.


Bom dia everyone, here we are mid-week, how joyful is that.  Happy Wednesday !  Share a smile it is your gift to the world

” Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing ”  Mother Teresa

Texas, the Narrows

Austing,Texas the Narrows

There is something about this picture that draws my eye I want to be there

True I’m not a swimmer I don’t usually seek out water, but there is something here

that makes me want to be sitting there in the sunlight, basking in the sun

minus the people there, I think I would like to be there one my  own

I imagine that there would be a quiet, and a serenity, with perhaps the sounds of wild life

coming in from above.  Maybe people off in the distance, but not right there.

It is not always easy these days to find places that exude quiet, tranquility.

You’ve hard or read that David Bowie passed away, after a somewhat lengthy battle with cancer.

One of his songs that made the biggest impression on me was Space Oddity, it came out in the late 60’s but I didn’t really know it till much later.  When I did hear it, it stuck with me.

David’s Space Oddity  I hope you are able to click on this link and hear the song.   the other song  he did was China Girl, which he wrote in France.  David sings China Girl  I was young enough to day dream about what the song meant to him in his life.

I’ve never been to Texas.  After seeing this picture of the Narrows,  near or in Austin area, I think I’d like to explore more. That is what life is all about isn’t it.  Travelling through life, enjoying the different adventures and challenges that come our way.

At a function this evening I met up with a friend who told me she was going to call it quits, “really!” I exclaimed, “you just partnered!!” ” after a silence, she replied “yes but I have only seen him for about half an hour in so many days.” “but, isn’t it about the quality of your time?” “No, if I’m going to be on my own, I can do that by myself”

Sound familiar?   I don’t see life that way, I feel that when we have friends, we enjoy them to the fullest whether they are with us or not.  It is not for their physical presence that we care about them, it is for the person they are.  Each and every person in your life is a gift. I myself am responsible for my happiness.  If I am not happy it is my choice, it is not someone else’s fault, it is my own.

What do you think?


PL Precept # 6   Efface your self-conceptions

Pl Precept # 7 Everything exists in Relativity

When you meet someone who truly touches your heart,there is never any question or doubt that the love is forever. Your paths can part, you can be miles apart, but that person will always be in your heart. True love is unconditional and it is forever.

Namaste       –       Oyashikiri

white lotus

When we love

when we are happy

there is nothing

that is impossible



6d4857cc0cfddfaff07e01c1169ddebcYesterday was the first of the month.

On the first day of every month, in PL (Perfect Liberty) we gather at the church for a ceremony that reaffirms our dedication to World Peace.  We pray for World Peace, we pray that we will continue to live in a manner that will  lead us to our goal and encourage us to live the PL Way. The ceremony doesn’t last long, I’m now familiar with it, and find that I am energized as the “officiant” speaks the words, I am drawn into the purpose of the process. I become part of the ceremony, in a way that is like a daydream.  I am enveloped in the essence of “Spirit”.


Daydreams are important in life.  One that  is inspired by spiritual thought/teachings is even more rewarding and fulfilling.  There is a lot of strife in the world, drama and jarring moments.  For our own peace of mind, and well being, it is important to dedicate time to inner peace.

PL Principle # 3 – I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things.

PL Precept # 3 – God appears through One’s Self.


Namaste – Oyashikiri




* found on scienceray.com

**Pinterest, Sugar Luvs Puppies

*** Lotus flower by Denise Warden -Flickr

solitude in crowded busy places


We have all at one time or another been in such a place, either an airport, train station, bus station, exhibition grounds, it could be anywhere. There is a constant flow of activity around you. You need to unwind, slow down, chill. what do you do?


For me, I turn off, I zone out. This skill didn’t come to me overnight, it is a life long practice that is akin to prayer and meditation.  I close my eyes and turn inward to the quiet within me. Serenity,peace, joy… these are inner qualities of “self”.  Our connection to God/Tao… Life.  PL Precept # 3, God appears through One’s Self... We can’t always travel to distant lands to meditate and pray in temples and at shrines.  There are countries where the churches and temples are open for those who wish to pray and communicate with “the Divine”.  In North America this is not always possible except at given times and days.

When we learn to meditate/pray in a way that connects to our inner “Self”, then no matter where we are, even in a crowded room. we can connect to the quiet and peace within. we rejuvenate, energize and mend the tired/shattered psyche .. giving us that needed extra boost to get on with creativity of our day/night.  PL Precept #21  – Live in Perfect Liberty


Namaste – Oyashikiri



pictures 1 & 2 Japan,  #1 tokyo airport #2, Kenroku-en gardens, Kanazawa

#3 lotus flowr macro by Bahman Farzad on flickr

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