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temple entrance,Kamakura,Kanagawa Prefecture,Japan  by Hanbi via flickr.

Where ever you footsteps take you today, may the day be one of many blessings.  Each day, a new door opens, and often another will close.  Nothing is forever, trying  to hold back the ongoing changes that are the essence of life.  Church, (temple) is where you find your spiritual calm, your inner Self,  Some find it in the quiet communion with the Universe while they wander the sea-shore, or kayak into isolated bays.  Other’s feel it the moment they walk into their favourite place of worship.

temple garden by Teruhide Tomori on flickr

Transform your day today, visit your quiet place, experience the true happiness of connecting with the Divine Energy that is life.  Strive each day to improve yourself.  Sincere prayer and meditation is a gift we give ourselves.  Rewards are one hundredfold

temple landscape by eiji Murakami on flicker


* Temple entrance,Kamakura,Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan by hanabi.on Flickr

**Garden by Teruhide Tomori on Flickr

*** by Eliji Murakami on Flickr

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  1. Quiet places are fertile places for the spirit to grow. Thanks Q.

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