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Hydrating – hydratant


I, am but a thought in your mind

I am, are two words we use a lot

I’m so busy, I am late, I am not feeling well, I am hot

when do we stop

and think about exactly who/what is I

in the I am,

do we live our lives out of a can

are we ready made

we eat fast foods, and drive in cars

is the life we live really ours


I challenge YOU today

to hydrate your mind, stop what you are doing

to take 60 seconds, 1 minute

for each picture. allowing the quiet of your mind

to take in what you see


feel the sound, and the pull of the waves

listen to the sound of silence in the world around

feel the stillness that begins to unfold

your breathing will automatically  be deeper,

your shoulders will relax


each drop that falls

creates a ripples

… that ripple … slowly …spreads out

wrapping you in the sunshine

that warms and calms your busy mind


60 seconds on each picture…… 60 seconds! …… if you took the challenge,

you just hydrated your mind with a short meditation  ……how hard was that!

save this page…… use it again ….. whenever you need to unwind…… recharge

send it to a friend …….   share the quiet …….

know when you say   “: I am ”  …… you really are!

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

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