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a cow

2013-10-29 oct 29 021


A cow waited by the side of the road, my mind began a conversation with the cow. I imagined that I was able to sit down in a field of clover and visit …  just me, the open field and the cow.

How calm, how quiet my companion was.  The only sound the masticating of its cud, and the swishing of its tail.

Yes, I would like to explore the possibility of such a moment. No radio, no sounds of traffic, just the environmental sounds of being in a field with a cow. I imagine that the conversation would be different with a goat.  The two are very different.

PL calendar day 19

If you are going to do it, put your whole heart into it

Your degree of seriousness will affect the outcome.  Your daily  accumulation of effort towards your goals shows just how serious you are.




Comments on: "a cow" (6)

  1. Cows are serene beings. Here there is traffic on the roads and in small towns like ours cows walk on the road and they are least bothered they take their own time and drivers stop to make way for them . Followers of the Hindu religion worship the cow.

  2. I wonder how the perception of satisfaction differs between cow and goat.

    Great post.


    • lol hi Stan, I have enjoyed sheep at different times… goats a long time ago.. they were super fun, they were young and used me as a play toy, they liked to jump and nudge.. not relaxing.. a lot of fun and laughter.. Sheep were more reflective.. some show interest and others couldn’t care less. much like in gatherings. fortunately, I didn’t understand their “musings” if they got vocal.

  3. Growing up on the farm, I can tell you many young ones find themselves telling their troubles to the cows 😉

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