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you don’t say


A meandering mind

Stuck in time

ponders the question

of not feeling well and happiness…

can you be unwell… and still be happy

It is really anyone’s guess, wouldn’t you think?

since happiness is a state of mind

and, when the question is asked,

you’d have to factor in your perspective at that moment in time

I believe that one can be happy, and physically unwell at the same time..

really… you don’t say?… what road are you on?

me, I travel  ” a road less traveled “..(M Scott Peck).

Happiness is being who we are

24/7 and loving it.

Yep, I do say!

Namaste – Oyashikiri







*artodyssey1/blogspot.com.es   z z wei

Happy Wednesday everyone


What is it that attracts me to old trucks, cars, motorcycles, and bikes?  I haven’t a clue.  In recent years I’ve noticed that more and more I am drawn to pictures where one or more are featured.  Driving along hwy 37 in NY State past farms with old barns, I found myself searching for sight of a rusted out car.  More in the States than along the highways here, I’m rewarded by vintage vehicles being driven or for sale.  Some are covered in rust and barely standing, yet they have an allure for me.


Be still my heart, how this rusted decaying, bucket of metal can stir my emotions, I’ll never know.  But how I love to look at it.. the vibrant colours that takes place as it goes through its changes.  the way nature welcomes it back into her embrace.  So far I’ve only been able to gaze in wonder at the wonderful pictures I’ve found posted on Pinterest or other social media sites.


These are the colours I want to wear this fall.  In redoing my fall/winter wardrobe, I am searching out these colours.  There is something rich and satisfying about this palette, in the States I have been able to acquire a pair of old faded and worn, army fatigue pants and the matching long sleeve lite. jacket/shirt.  Obviously I can’t wear then at the same time, I look ridiculous since, I’m obviously not of an age that I would be in service, but the blended colours are soothing to the eye, and calming when worn with colours that harmonize. (mixed casual attire)  So, I’m eccentric, I’m happy =^_^=.


I am not alone with this old truck/car passion, there is an abundant source of art pictures that capture the beauty of the aged vehicles. Enjoy whatever makes you happy today and everyday.  When we do something we enjoy with Makoto (sincerity) we reap the rewards 100 fold.  Have you thought about the colours you wear and why you wear them?


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