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are you sure?

Some days happen, they do… but… they don’t register…. they don’t leave an imprint or shadow on the lens of your reality.

Perception is important.Take immediate action once you suddenly perceive. You might discover something important in what you perceive.

Perfect Liberty 2023.9

Sometimes there is just too much happening around you. It seems like everyone needs your attention, or projects, invoices, events all come due or happen around the same time. You feel pulled in several directions at once. Stop. Listen to your inner voice. You really can only be in one place at a time, and to be fair to the moment, if you are not totally present, the incoming message won’t be received by your brain the way it could/or would be normally. You won’t have the right “picture” to peruse and consider action properly for good results.

You can apply yourself to you passions, interests, you can try to divert your mind .. but in the end.. the problem or the issue, is still there and unresolved.

Enjoy what happens. People who can enjoy anything happening to them receive wisdom for the next step. Try to work on things without being overly concerned.

Perfect Liberty 2023.10

Strive to express yourself beautifully through your words and actions. always try to express yourself with appropriately chosen words and act according to each situation. Expressing yourself beautifully is a basic step towards making yourself and others happy.

Perfect Liberty 2016.14

Same old places?

Do you find yourself, waiting, hoping that yesterday will somehow reappear?

Today, only comes along once, at midnight it will disappear –

Seize the day, live it to the fullest.. only in doing so, will you live without regrets.

PL Precept # 7 Everything exists in relativity…

Till soon



Accept everything with appreciation. Become a person who can be thankful for anything that happens to them. A person who is always thankful is a happy person.

Perfect Liberty 2016.21

Every road leads somewhere, getting there might not be easy, but if we take our time, enjoy the discoveries along the way…It will be a trip worth taking.



Good or Bad, It is your Mirror
Sincere expression invite good results, but insincere expression can lead to unexpected trouble.
Perfect Liberty 2020.24


a new day, new beginning

the bridge

The bridge was there, only I had never thought of actually crossing it. I loved the symbolism of the bridge, and the possibilities, it just never occurred to me to cross it.

my journey across

Today I saw it in a different light, and the road beyond. It was simple really, all it took was the realization that “today” is really here. I can travel and explore beyond what, and where I have been. Life does go on. It is not by looking behind that we free our minds, but by moving ahead, into the world as it is now.

today the door opened and I walked through

I thank my son and my friends for getting me to this part of my journey. Happiness is knowing you are loved. My husband will always be in my heart and part of who I am. That will never change. Today, he held my hand and opened the door, knowing the lessons and the love we shared will carry me through the tomorrows that are before me.


PL Precept #7 Everything exists in relativity

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