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Same old places?

Do you find yourself, waiting, hoping that yesterday will somehow reappear?

Today, only comes along once, at midnight it will disappear –

Seize the day, live it to the fullest.. only in doing so, will you live without regrets.

PL Precept # 7 Everything exists in relativity…

Till soon

Comments on: "Same old places?" (4)

  1. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    I guess I am strange. I don’t spend of a lot of time reliving the past. I can’t think of a time when I wanted to “go back to the good old days”. I guess I spend too much time thinking about the next shinny activity down the road. Does that make me a PollyAndy (which sounds a whole lot worse than PollyAnna?)

  2. I don’t pine for the past as if it could come back, but I do ponder parts of it with great fondness for what was.

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