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July 1

china 1.15_004

Wisdom is a divine endowment – not a human acquisition

Happiness is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to deal with it

Found this quote in one of my profiles.  I for some reason, did not note where I got it from, but the words aren’t mine, however, at the time, I must have connected with the sentiment.

There are days when I feel like “ I am” on a stage … that I am rehearsing or going through a chapter that is “in progress”.   For sure, what I am living is my personal experience.  Today while in meditation, I revisited, or tried to, my interpretation of an event that is yet to happen.  Then the spotlight shone down on me, and I knew I had to be in the present.  To succeed I have to be present.

Every frame of the “scenes”  being lived, needed my focus on the present if I was to even “live” to experience the pending “event”

Ah life, it is a beautiful exhilarating happening, isn’t it.

Enjoy the first day of a new month.

Happy Canada day everyone!June 15_005



PL Precept # 11  Allways be with GOD


darn I missed the bus


when we travel in unknown places

our first impression

often is a lasting impression

often we are on the tourist routes

and explore the areas

we are directed to by travel guides

or the familiar places we’ve read about

or seen on the silver screen

japan off the beaten track, away from tourists

In Japan off the beaten track,

in small villages and towns

you will find places

like above that are where

people live and tend to daily life

away from city life and

commercial hype

4.8.15 Zen_001

sometimes missing the bus

is a personal message

to slow down


… to reclaim


and the beauty of living in a more

peaceful state

jai guru dev

namaste … …oyashikiri



away from sightseers,Japan



all text in my blogs unless stated otherwise are my own.  Q  aka Dymoon


A Change of Heart Can Turn the Tide – PL day 6

A Change of Heart Can Turn the Tide -  PL day 6

No Matter what the situation, you can’t change others. The only thing you have control over is how you accept things and deal with them.

In PL, we try to provide, daily readings to help light every facet of life. Brief, poetic aphorism provide insightful meditations, on the day’s PL ( Perfect Liberty) teaching.    Blessings everyone!

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