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surrounded by activity, yet alone

Over the holidays I read prose, poems and thoughts that expressed, the reality of feeling alone in life. Gave me pause to think about my own life, my memories, and the people who have come and gone over the years.

nights of contemplation

There were days, nights even weeks, when I was lost in a dreamworld of my own. Questioning the emotion of love, of loving being loved, What I have learned over the years, is forget about expectations, they are your journey and no one elses. Two people can stand in the same room side by side, and not see the same things at all.

In PL, we are given the tools to realize that the person we have to love is ourselves, only in knowing who we are, and our needs can we share them with someone else. Unconditional love is not easy. But I believe it is attainable. To know sadness, you have had to know happiness. Being human is not a flaw, it is a blessing. To experience life, we have to let go and welcome new energy.

Everyone wishes to be happy and lead a happy life. In PL we can experience true joy and happiness when we are able to freely express our unique individuality )Makoto) in each moment of our lives/

Perfect Liberty – Welcome to PL pg 4


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Comments on: "I wanted to, but life got in the way." (9)

  1. With maturity comes appreciating all aspects of the range of being human. Cool images.

    • thanks, was experimenting with lighting.. have a great Sunday when it gets here. at midnight I will turn into a pumpkin… =^_^=

  2. Beautiful and true.

    • thank you Cindy, have you been doing well. Was the holiday season a busy one for you.
      Think of you often, and hold you in my heart. Across the miles. I send you love.

  3. Your usual excellent philosophy

    • Hi there, cliff walker, you be careful. You are still too young to be taking chances. Beautiful views are worth risks.. Take care… we’ve had mild winter so far.. humidity hasn’t been too bad.. how are YOU doing?

  4. Unconditional love towards ourselves…we all get plenty of practice with that. πŸ˜‰
    I agree it is attainable though probably more difficult than unconditional love towards someone else. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

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