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Monday Morning

Was it a dream, or was it real

I walked through the gardens, down towards the old ruins

when the horseman appeared .. just over the hill to my left.

How gallant the rider looked as the horse neared

slowing down to a slow trot, the man smiled

I smiled back, it was such a lovely morning,

there was a bird singing in the trees near where we were,

the morning light was bright with promise

somehow I knew, this would be someone I could like

with the ease of a man used to being in the saddle

he reached down, and beckoned to me

the horse and rider, now were standing still

without hesitation, I walked towards his outstretched hand

after all, he was on my land, surely he was part of our clan

Our eyes met, I saw the twinkle of mischief at the same time as

I felt my feet leave the ground…..

“ohhhh” escaped from my startled lips…

with practiced ease, he had lifted and placed me on the saddle between his knees..

and we were off, the horse had begun to move with powerful strides…

he leaned in and held me close, not a word was spoken,

as the horse was guided back towards the other side of the grounds

away from the ruins, and my home ….

is this a dream, will I awake to find I’m still nestled snuggly in my bed…


# 7 Everything exists in relativity. PL # 7 Todo existe en relatividad

Perfect Liberty Precepts. Preceptos de PL

I found the picture in my files, it looks like it was taken in SL, you can see the photographer/artists name bottom right.




When was the last time you allowed yourself to be naked.

Namaste     –    Oyashiki

picture and verse found on Pinterest
author unknown.

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