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Thursday blooms

valerie's tulips

Bom Dia!  What a wonderful response we have had from Brazil, on Yoshi’s testimonial, thank you, Obrigado!

PL calendar day 20       Find a good balance between your present and past experiences.

Without forgetting your original intent, continue to develop your own path by also relying on your knowledge and experience.

Thursday doors….flowers PA

Little door that leads to learning, relaxation, and promotes sharing.  How great is that.

Have a great day everyone.  Tomorrow the 21st, we have Thanksgiving service at 7 pm. Please advise Rev. Eugene if you will be staying for the Japanese curry so that we can prepare accordingly.


top picture, family traveller

statement pictures


This picture along with the next one, were in my inbox this morning.


Both had me looking at the screen,  with multiple thoughts zinging through the old gray cells.  The caption came with the picture.

I have too many different scenarios that come to mind when I want to write my own take on these.  I love the potential these offered. Whoever started this sharing of creativity would be fun to catch up with.. to see how they came up with the idea.. what sparked their  artistic “expression”

The top drawing.. yes! I could relate to posting that a couple of times.. Of course silently in my head… I wish I had the light bulb in my art drawer to have come up with that one.

I am thankful for all of my blessings, and gall darn it… I truly appreciate the brilliant expression of others too.  How about it… do the above pictures inspire a heading from you???

Today is the 21st everyone Thanksgiving service is at 7PM tonight.

21- Let’s be thankful for everything we have right now

NOW is an accumulation of every moment leading up to it, and everything that continues to progress and develop to become “NOW”  Be thankful for everything.



pictures social media



Hello, bonjour, bom dia, and jumping jack greetings to each and every one of you.  Another new year is just around the corner,  In China the airports, train stations, all methods of travel really, are homeward bound.  It is exciting, and alive time.  Seeing friends and family sharing huge family meals, and gatherings.

Since my Mother’s passing and for several years before she actually passed, the Chinese New Year  came and went with a happy conversation and a small sparkle.  She was unable to get to the various celebrations held around the city or at the Chinese Embassy. Since I can remember, Chinese New Year has been the BIG turning point for me.  I remember as a child the banquet and feasts, the dragon dances, fire crackers and the many many ritual tasks that were preformed to make sure we started the new year off with gratitude for the past year and much appreciation for the wonderful time ahead.  Good fortune, Prosperity wishes were everywhere.  Red envelopes, special candies,  Happy New Year greetings always included the wish that your life be blessed with good health.

With my husband’s passing last year I wanted more than ever for this transition into another year to be auspicious and filled with the many joys and encouragements we would share to be 100 fold.  I worked on a year of the pig mixed media piece so that I would be actively piecing together elements that would be like a visual firecracker for me.  The lunar new year depending on where you live, is o the 5th. of February.

Ps… my little wheel around the pig.  spins.

Reminder.. due to the storm and the broken water pipe, there will be no service today, but Thanksgiving service is still scheduled for tomorrow evening at 7 pm.



anger management - www.imfunny.net

Do you get angry?  I have been sitting here thinking about anger.  I react, and I do get ticked off, but do I get angry.  My frustration, or disappointment to a situation is usually short lived.  I tend to blow, verbalize, get it out of my system and move on.  For sure my fuse has gotten longer the older I get.  Plus, I believe that when one appreciates and lives in the moment, anger is a waste of emotion.  Living in the moment, also means that it doesn’t matter what day it is, because every day is a moment and opportunity for something awesome to happen.  Just walking out into the sunshine on the back deck can fill me with the joy of being alive to enjoy that moment.

Togetherness  myspot8

Buddha was asked “What have you gained from meditation? ”   He replied.  “Nothing!    However, let me tell you what I have lost, anger, anxiety,depression, insecurity, fear of old age, and death”

autumn christoph zurbucehn - flickr

Walk softly today, celebrate the day, appreciate the moment..   Travel through space to share this place with me, by simply closing your eyes and hearing the sound of your heart beat.  Colour your day with the blessings of life.  May the blessings of the day fill your heart with gladness, today, tomorrow and always.            Oyashikiri


 Thanksgiving Service is at  7 pm. (Church of Perfect Liberty)


middle picture – Pinterest

bottom picture – by Christoph Zurbuchen on Flickr

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