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Thursday blooms

valerie's tulips

Bom Dia!  What a wonderful response we have had from Brazil, on Yoshi’s testimonial, thank you, Obrigado!

PL calendar day 20       Find a good balance between your present and past experiences.

Without forgetting your original intent, continue to develop your own path by also relying on your knowledge and experience.

Thursday doors….flowers PA

Little door that leads to learning, relaxation, and promotes sharing.  How great is that.

Have a great day everyone.  Tomorrow the 21st, we have Thanksgiving service at 7 pm. Please advise Rev. Eugene if you will be staying for the Japanese curry so that we can prepare accordingly.


top picture, family traveller

flowers on the 27th

IMG_1966 tulips and

PL calendar day 27       Success doesn’t just happen

It is not just by coincidence that things go well,  The results are based on the hard work you have put I up until that moment.  Remember to be thankful and use your current success to reach the net level.

magnolia may 24

The magnolias are not happy with the rain and cooler temperatures, but they did give us a few days of breathtaking perfection.  Such is life – be in the moment, tomorrow is another day.



top pic. family traveller

Life is

Iife is

Yesterday I was jolted out of my musings by an artist(Seth Apter) I was unfamiliar with. I had received an e-mail about 3 days of workshops with him in the fall. Attending workshops is not something I am apt to do, but I am a regular at this particular store, and have found that the owner there, keeps up with the latest in the mixed media news.  The store is a treasure for art/craft supplies.

I was sufficiently motivated, that I dressed and headed out the door in search of a stamp that he had used, and to research his embossing powders.  My first stop was about 50-60 miles from my place.  Heading out towards Montreal I suddenly realized that on my left in the lanes coming into the city,  were not a few dozen but miles of cars bumper to bumper inching their way into the city.  Commuters, people who live on the edges of the city trying to get to work,

It was jaw dropping to see so many people patiently making their way west.  As far as the eye could see, coming along the major roadways every vehicle one can imagine.  I am retired, and know to leave my house after the “rush hour”  It was somewhere between 8:30 and 9.  I gave thanks right there and then, that I am now in a different phase of “life”. It was very appropriate when I saw this little sign in the Dollar Tree, when I dropped in.

Please dear reader, if you, like I, have the freedom to explore, discover and live a less structured day to day.  Say a prayer of appreciation today, thank the Universe for your life as it is now, and include prayers of support and energy for those who live along beside us, coping and dealing with the phases in their lives that is their “moment in time”

tulips by Chris

To see more of milfordstreet photography

Thank you Chris, your tulips were lovely.

Have a productive day everyone.

Sunday service at 10: am.     Reminder we have service on the 29th. this month at 7 pm.






d9931e0e6e451b9573ebf462182c50b9Changes, every day we encounter a change in our lives.  It is no different with a church. the church of PL is headquartered in Japan as you all know.  In Japan the fiscal year is from April 1 – till March 31st of the following year.   Thus when changes occur, they are announced at the end of the year with the changes taking place immediately (almost).  Ministers are transferred to new communities, and this includes the churches in North American, South  America etc.

Change will occur in our church, Rev. Tiago has been transferred to the church in Los Angeles.  Rev. Atsushi Tsuji  a young minister from Japan will be coming to Canada.  What wonderful adventures for these two young men.  Rev. Tiago and his young family are not long in Canada having come here from Brazil.   He has learned to live in the extreme cold of a Canadian winter, and now will head for the dry heat of Los Angeles, California.

Rev. Tsuji will not only experience a change from his Native Japan, but he will be coming to his first assignment here in Canada,  And no, dear readers, he does not speak English, never mind French.  Fortunately he will arrive during the spring season, and will grow into his new home with the delights of a Canadian spring with the multitude of early spring flowers, tulips, crocus and the like..  In Canada, especially here in Ottawa, we have a bond with Holland, that is expressed with a magnificent show of Tulips in parks and in private gardens.

Picture below were  taken during the Ottawa tulip festival, where the tulips are planted to offer up the photographer, tourists and visitors a chance to admire and enjoy their beauty.  smiles, and of course to showcase our beautiful city.

So it is, we wish these two young men much success and adventure on this new journey in life that they are embarking on..Changes although at times a challenge, with packing, paperwork, and organizing in such a short period of time, we work through it, step by step, and when tackled with enthusiasm and sincerity (makoto) the rewards are a million fold.

For those of us who are not leaving, there will be a gap, a new personality will enter the community, and we will all have to adjust.  Again, it is how we will meet this new opportunity that will determine our temporary disruption to “daily living” God/Universe is always going to ensure that we grow in spirit28601a77418f0fdc87a3750dc7a02245changes are what make us better people.


Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

Church of Perfect Liberty is a non denominational Church that welcomes everyone in community, our goal is World Peace

PL Precept #1      Life is Art





Spring comes once a year,

it lasts 3 months and then it fades away


Life is an accumulation of efforts, that we make every day

whether it be spring, summer or fall

our lives take place  NOW

967d6facd499d9ca5e43360b6d541e28we accept that the blooms will bless our days

then fade away when their time is over

why is it so difficult to let go of love

that no longer breathes life into your day


Life is precious

you will live through your own personal seasons

enjoy the changes

make them your own

live in the NOW

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri


Rev Tiago de Medeiros Chagas – Photography

My name is Rev. Tiago de Medeiros Chagas, and I am a Brazilian  minister of a church founded in Japan. I consider the Church of Perfect Liberty a universal church.

Early flowers (1 of 1)

In the end of last year, I decided to buy a camera to take some pictures of my family. I always had cameras (point-and-shoot), but I was never a big enthusiastic about taking pictures. I used to do it in big family events and so forth, but that’s it! My level of photography could be considered below beginner. For those who understand about photography, I didn’t even know the difference between a point-and-shoot camera and a DSLR!

bridge by Rev. T

Rev. Eugene (the head minister of the Church of Perfect Liberty in Ottawa, whom is my  supervisor) studied about photography in school, so, he knows a lot about photography. One day, when I was trying to take an impossible photo with my camera, he kindly explained to me why I wouldn’t be able to do what I intended to, as well as, what I should do in order to take that photo. Maybe as a response to his kindness, I became very interested to know more about photography, understand more about words, such as ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, which by the way, I had never heard before.

Since then, I’ve been trying to learn more and more about photography.

I bought a very basic entry DSLR camera, because it was the cheapest one I could find and went online trying to learn more about photography. I was able to find several websites, blogs and channels on youtube of photographers who have been teaching people for FREE.

At first, my wife was not completely happy about it. She said that I was spending most of our free-time watching those videos, and that she wanted me do something else, but since I started taking pictures, and she could notice that, gradually, I was taking better pictures of her and our daughter, she got very happy and excited. In fact, she started to encourage me to watch more and more videos to better understand the fundamentals of photography, in order to take better pictures.

If I could say something about my own skills in photography, I would say that I am still in the level below beginner if that exists. There are so many things I need to understand about photography in order to call one of my photos an artistic expression, however, if we compare present photos with the ones I took in the past, I can say that there was a big improvement.

I am very impressed by those people who can learn by themselves about anything.  I am not like that. In order to learn a little bit about anything and now especially photography, I have been asking questions to many people, watching many videos of those photographers who use their time to record photography lessons to post on youtube for anyone out in this entire world. Even though I am not a very intelligent man, thanks to assistance of many people, my questions about photography have been kindly answered, for which I am truly thankful.

In our lives, it is very difficulty to improve ourselves without others’ assistance. Maybe it is impossible to do it. We do need assistance all the time. Since the moment that we were born, we receive assistance from others like the doctors and nurses for the labour, our parents for pretty much everything, our teachers for education. When we grow up, even though we are completely healthy and we can work, if there is no job for us, we will be very difficult to survive. Also, one can be self-employed as a photographer for example, if there is no store open to buy a camera, it will be impossible for anyone to do their job.

tulips by Rev T

If one is a very skilled chef, probably it will be easy to find a job in one restaurant, but if all the stores close down and there is no ingredients, despite of great skills, there won’t be anything to be done to express one’s self. Therefore, the great results one produces are deeply related to the great effort of many other people. We should never forget that. So, now it comes the one question. What can we do to honour those people who helped us so much?

For the Church of Perfect Liberty, appreciation has the meaning of expressing your gratitude for others, but also, do something in return. Transform your feeling of appreciation into action. And how can we do that? For those you have contact with, you can return a favour with something else, but for those who you don’t have contact anymore, like the physician who performed your labour, the nurses, teachers from kindergarten, or even your parents who did so much for you, that there is nothing you can do that can pay this ‘debt’ you have with them.

As human beings, we can put wholehearted effort into whatever we do, in order to honour those people and try make them feel proud of us. Based on our actions, they can feel that it was worth all their effort to help us.

Thank you very much,

Rev. Tiago de Medeiros Chagas    (all photographs in this post by Rev.T)

Express your appreciation!

nederlands 4

Be a Peacemaker who honour the diversity of all life.

Harmony does not require that we are all the same.

A single note played simultaneously through several different instruments does not take advantage of the beautiful music that emerges when different chords are played.

Appreciate and acknowledge the differences in others, as distinct as we may seem to be, we all share the spiritual  link of being  One with the Universe.


Today is the 21st.  Thanksgiving , every month (in PL) one day is set aside for special service (7pm)   Say thank you out loud, express your appreciation to those around you. the act of saying thank you will make someone else feel good and you  will too =^_^=   Good Morning Everyone!


Romans 12:18    “If it is possible,so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all”                              Blessings    …           Oyashikiri

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