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chop suey Wednesday

Good morning everyone.  I thought I would start today to talk about laziness.  Seriously this is one of my “work on it” traits or “flaws”  Being a visual person, I woke to a perfect example to share with you.

cafeland 1.17.18

This is a game I play on my iPhone when I am somewhere waiting, ie. for a dental, or doctor’s appointment.  Now that I no longer have an iPad, having gone for a phone with a bigger screen, you know the size of the screen I am working on.  Interestingly, the game on my computer is the same but not the same, my computer being a Windows format.

When I began on the iPhone/Pad, I had to start all over with a new café, in this new format. Fun I thought I can do something totally different.  Off to the races I went, enjoying myself, watching my money grow etc.  However, I don’t have the friends to play with in this format, but lots through the game.  I digress.

Last night I decided to start decorating for the Chinese New Year, which will be coming up soon in mid February. *year of the Dog* (lunar calendar)  The program suggested I take a picture to show my friends, I took a picture and sent it to myself.

To my horror when I looked at the picture this morning, I was assaulted with the glaring objects of my laziness.

  1. I didn’t clean up the floors before taking the picture
  2. I saw where I had started to change my servers and didn’t go back to make sure all of them were done.  In fact, I used some from my inventory rather than buy the shiny metal ones that go with my  décor ..( frugal and lazy)
  3. The tips could have been collected, but in truth I didn’t see them, again, I didn’t take the time to look

Small over sights maybe, but in my case, I lean towards lazy, we all do, intention is to go back and fix it, but as the days go along, and since it is only me playing, none of my guests to this site, are known to me… bla bla bla… excuses.  After making time to fix up the café, start on my remodel, I take a picture .. and voila. caught on camera…

We just never know do we.  this is a fun example, but it IS an example, we never know, taking short cuts, neglecting to do something “just because”.  A camera never lies the results can be photo-shopped or edited,  but lens itself, never lies.

PL Precept #15  All is a Mirror

PL Principle #1 I will live paying careful attention, putting Makoto (sincerity) into all I say and do.

Have a good day everyone… I will post the link below to the dymoonadventures blog.



dymoonadventures.com      if you want to follow along, please follow from that site.

poached egg on toast


Poached egg on toast no… do I know what it is… no.. I somehow press a button that creates a video of sorts.. this is 1 sec. My creative expression doesn’t always work out the way I want it to.


Moving along, I tried to capture the berries against the red door of the house next door, ok,


click on it.. there should be something there.. this is my morning of poached egg bloopers.


From my mail box to yours, happy day, the snow is light, fluffy and a little sticky, the temperature not balmy, but nice, cozy with my down on.

Oh, and btw, my eggs were delicious, salt and peppered with a tease of a Japanese chili pepper… yummy.

Life is not about everything having to be perfect, I enjoyed being outside, trying to find just the right angle and the perfect frame.  So it didn’t happen like I would have wanted it to, I did get pictures, and in the process, I’m learning.


btw= by the way



Wordless Wednesday – front yard colours

img_1926 img_1943img_1932 img_1933 img_1945


my camera for those interested is a Panasonic Lumix DMC ZS100

chop suey Friday 6.3.2016

Snapshot 1 (6-3-2016 5-58 PM)

I’ve been days in trying to get this picture into a format that I could share with you.   It was taken the first day out with my new camera, I was so chuffed at getting to the water where the Queen’s swans had been released for the summer touring. There they were, so lovely so elegant. Snap snap and yes they were on the camera, BUT when I got home and tried to put them on the computer…nothing.

The fault was mine, not the camera,    I had not read through the instructions.. (yes, I know that there are those smiling and tsk tsk tsking now, and you know who you are) but hey, I’ve  used a camera all my life, yeah yeah yeah… but not this one.

PL Principle # 7    I will not have a mind to be hasty….etc…

PL Principle # 6   I will not be stubborn, being captured by my own thoughts…

Snapshot 2 (6-3-2016 6-09 PM)

What I had managed to do, was take 3-5 seconds of movie frames.. so to actually capture the screen in a format I could put in the blog, I had to use the software Movie Maker.

Pl Principle 2 reminds me to be creative and look for shortcomings in my OWN thinking and actions.

Snapshot 3 hogs back (6-3-2016 6-13 PM)

LOL…  I get a lot of practice. It may take me awhile, but I figure it out.  In time, I’ll get better.  I will because I want to.    Paradise is where we find it.

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

the more I use the camera, the more I love it.

photo location – Ottawa, ON, Canada

for more about PL and the church of Perfect Liberty, please see my Facebook page, link is on the right.

Rev Tiago de Medeiros Chagas – Photography

My name is Rev. Tiago de Medeiros Chagas, and I am a Brazilian  minister of a church founded in Japan. I consider the Church of Perfect Liberty a universal church.

Early flowers (1 of 1)

In the end of last year, I decided to buy a camera to take some pictures of my family. I always had cameras (point-and-shoot), but I was never a big enthusiastic about taking pictures. I used to do it in big family events and so forth, but that’s it! My level of photography could be considered below beginner. For those who understand about photography, I didn’t even know the difference between a point-and-shoot camera and a DSLR!

bridge by Rev. T

Rev. Eugene (the head minister of the Church of Perfect Liberty in Ottawa, whom is my  supervisor) studied about photography in school, so, he knows a lot about photography. One day, when I was trying to take an impossible photo with my camera, he kindly explained to me why I wouldn’t be able to do what I intended to, as well as, what I should do in order to take that photo. Maybe as a response to his kindness, I became very interested to know more about photography, understand more about words, such as ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, which by the way, I had never heard before.

Since then, I’ve been trying to learn more and more about photography.

I bought a very basic entry DSLR camera, because it was the cheapest one I could find and went online trying to learn more about photography. I was able to find several websites, blogs and channels on youtube of photographers who have been teaching people for FREE.

At first, my wife was not completely happy about it. She said that I was spending most of our free-time watching those videos, and that she wanted me do something else, but since I started taking pictures, and she could notice that, gradually, I was taking better pictures of her and our daughter, she got very happy and excited. In fact, she started to encourage me to watch more and more videos to better understand the fundamentals of photography, in order to take better pictures.

If I could say something about my own skills in photography, I would say that I am still in the level below beginner if that exists. There are so many things I need to understand about photography in order to call one of my photos an artistic expression, however, if we compare present photos with the ones I took in the past, I can say that there was a big improvement.

I am very impressed by those people who can learn by themselves about anything.  I am not like that. In order to learn a little bit about anything and now especially photography, I have been asking questions to many people, watching many videos of those photographers who use their time to record photography lessons to post on youtube for anyone out in this entire world. Even though I am not a very intelligent man, thanks to assistance of many people, my questions about photography have been kindly answered, for which I am truly thankful.

In our lives, it is very difficulty to improve ourselves without others’ assistance. Maybe it is impossible to do it. We do need assistance all the time. Since the moment that we were born, we receive assistance from others like the doctors and nurses for the labour, our parents for pretty much everything, our teachers for education. When we grow up, even though we are completely healthy and we can work, if there is no job for us, we will be very difficult to survive. Also, one can be self-employed as a photographer for example, if there is no store open to buy a camera, it will be impossible for anyone to do their job.

tulips by Rev T

If one is a very skilled chef, probably it will be easy to find a job in one restaurant, but if all the stores close down and there is no ingredients, despite of great skills, there won’t be anything to be done to express one’s self. Therefore, the great results one produces are deeply related to the great effort of many other people. We should never forget that. So, now it comes the one question. What can we do to honour those people who helped us so much?

For the Church of Perfect Liberty, appreciation has the meaning of expressing your gratitude for others, but also, do something in return. Transform your feeling of appreciation into action. And how can we do that? For those you have contact with, you can return a favour with something else, but for those who you don’t have contact anymore, like the physician who performed your labour, the nurses, teachers from kindergarten, or even your parents who did so much for you, that there is nothing you can do that can pay this ‘debt’ you have with them.

As human beings, we can put wholehearted effort into whatever we do, in order to honour those people and try make them feel proud of us. Based on our actions, they can feel that it was worth all their effort to help us.

Thank you very much,

Rev. Tiago de Medeiros Chagas    (all photographs in this post by Rev.T)




Shudder.. I heard that word so often while I still worked in a Corporate Health Care setting. (Teaching Hospital) When newsletters/memos came out with “downsizing” as the featured item, or, even when it was an statement tucked down further in the reading material, we all saw it, and we all felt the little frisson down the spine to the tail bone.

Downsizing comes up again in later years, when a family looks at the house they are currently living in, and realize that where it suited n active growing family, times had/have changed, and the remaining home dwellers find it “too much” to look after.

As our life changes occur, we find that the decor, “trappings” we have surrounding us, often, are redundant. We can keep adding, making changes, but what happens then… you look around and find you have no “breathing” space. there is too much clutter.

It is hard to pass along objects that hold memories, or are simply “stash” tools, inventory for those “to happen” creative expressions, that you have yet to get to. My Mother, had a loom and boxes of wool and materials for when she retired. they took up all of one room. She finally retired, but by then, her interest and activities in her day to day still kept her too busy to get to the once loved hobby she had so long planned for. When she downsized, guess what was still waiting, and what we (the children) had to find homes for..

I’ve been downsizing for years now. Really and truly I really have been. I’m enthusiastically pulling out, packing and preparing boxes for the goodwill, and giving this and that away to friends. It is amazing the “material objects” I’ve acquired over time.

Finally, I say with optimism, I’m seeing a light at the end of the long hallway. I hear myself explaining to my patient, loving husband, how getting a new iPhone will help me to downsize even further. In getting this new “desired tech toy” I will eliminate having to carry around with me a relatively new Samsung Tablet that I just had to have when it came out, my efficient little Sony Cyber-shot camera that never seems to be with me when I want to snap a picture, and of course my pay as you go phone.
Hmm my inner voice says in my other ear… are you making sense On one hand it sounds good, in my little purse, I will only have one item, the iPhone My other ear, is hearing my husband mentally calculating this new “downsizing” venture of mine. (years of marriage does this, once we are open to this little exchange, they are very helpful) I have been going on and on about an iPhone for a year or two now. Somehow I have always managed to get “something else” so that the iPhone has remained a “want to have” item.

The Samsung came home with me, instead of the iPhone,(iPad) my HTC (Windows phone) was another purchase that came home instead of the iPhone. I think the reality is that I’m tired of wanting product X and always settling for something else. I get the iPhone, pass along the other items (husband waiting for the them with a not quite hidden gleam in his eyes) and SIGH, I get back to the serious business of downsizing in other areas of my life.

As Rev. Eugene would say ” does that make sense”? We always nod our heads in the affirmative when he says that, and of course we smile while doing so. we all know that sometime in the near future, we will be reviewing his words and then wanting to have discourse about them.

OK.. the Enthusiasm is there, Will it lead to new opportunities. I say YES. Why, because if the mind is caught up on a subject and it just won’t “let go” there is a message that you aren’t listening to, or hearing.
Chances don’t just fall into our laps, They come to us when we are putting our full effort into something.

When the downsizing happened at the Hospital, and finally my position was affected I was immediately filled with a sense of fear at what lay ahead, BUT biggest feeling of all was RELIEF. when it first became known that Management positions would likely be the next to be slashed, I could have been proactive and simply tendered my resignation and moved on, but like the above iPhone situation, I kept trying to dodge the bullet.

It happened, life went on.. and it actually started to get better and better. I was no longer encumbered by “how” “when” I was free to build my own future, my way.

Listen to your inner voice. Follow your enthusiasm, Let it lead you to new Opportunities.

Wow look at the time, I’ve had a great time visiting with you. I love time spent with you. AND I love hearing from you. Have a great day, be Happy, Let the sun shine on your day, smile….

Start with a good breakfast…. =^_^=

Love and Blessings – now and always….

photo credit –  Darren, CA

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