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Wednesday’s moment

hydrangea McDonald

Happy Wednesday everyone…. I was driving through a McDonald’s drive through for my ice coffee when I found myself beside a flowering hydrangea.  Now I’ve gone past it often, but that day, it was changing into it’s fall colours.  The summer white was giving way to the burnt peach/rust that will follow.

hydrangea 8.20.17

To remind you, this is what they look like in bloom early summer.  This picture is from the bush on my front lawn.  Hydrangea’s remind me of my Mother, she passed away last March, she was fond of the changing seasons,  with each passing year of  her time here on earth, she allowed nature to take its course, she would blossom in so many ways, it seemed to just happen.  Whatever, whenever, she never lost her youthful glow, that came from within.  Strength, determination, she held her ground.

hydrangea McDonalds bank hunt

This bush has been there for years, I always notice it, whether it is just its sculptured form during winter months, its fresh mint leaves come spring, or the first blossoms of another year.

My Mother is no longer here, but her presence is… When love is unconditional, no matter what… life/love combine, intertwine, harmonize.. like God it is everywhere, in everything we see and do.  The sky is always there, weather can change, but the sky is always there.

Blessings my friends… may your world shine, love is everywhere…



Tuesday – friendship!

hydrangea 3

When a friend lets you down

there is disappointment along with a frown

it won’t last long,

never-the-less it smarts

or hurts that someone you care for

so casually drops the ball

thinking nothing of how you feel

and appears not to care at all

hydrangea 8.20.17

on the surface

nothing seems changed

yet, I know now

that altho’ we had/have plans

my friend will again,

drop the ball

if a more attractive offer comes along

not a pretty reality, is it

I am thinking that

our definition of friendships

are not the same at all



PL Precept # 15   All is a Mirror

So I asked myself.. have I ever done this to my friend, answer no, never

PL Precept #17  Grasp what is most Essential

I’ll meditate and think on this..

meanwhile.. have a great Tuesday everyone… Have a great day wherever you are.




Wordless Wednesday – front yard colours

img_1926 img_1943img_1932 img_1933 img_1945


my camera for those interested is a Panasonic Lumix DMC ZS100


Faded Glory

Faded Glory

Mother Nature is bursting out all over with her various shades of fall colours. I started out wanting to show you the meat for making ox tail soup. I got sidetracked by the hydrangea along the fence, The closer we get to the really cold weather, the more this flower will show off its many talents. It presents a different “face” for every season.
Personally, I feel that this is something we all do, some of us are more dramatic in our changes than others. The fall winter season sees my wardrobe going to darker colours.
Where does the colour go? It is still present in my life, I just don’t wear it. Maybe in a scarf, hmmm no.. I just checked, the colours are all subdued. One of my winter warm jackets is a royal purple, in some lights it looks like a dark grey, in sunlight, you can see the purple hues …. Whatever, the object of the coat is warmth.
OK back to the oxtail soup. Have you ever experienced oxtail soup? To be begin with, do you know what the packaged meat looks like?

2013-10-29 oct 29 001

This is one delicious succulent cut of meat.  You only need a few pieces in your cook pot to get rich savory results. (recipe is for two – four full nourishing bowls)

Choose the package of meat that appeals to you.  The meat is not inexpensive, there are other cuts that are cheaper, but only the oxtails give you “the” taste.  This meat is also great for doing beef and barley,  My version depends on what my taste buds are wanting at the time I am preparing the soup.  For this exercise I will be moderate in my selections.  I myself do not use recipes, I cook like I do other artistic expressions.. =^_^=

I like a good 5, 6 good size pieces of meat, 1 onion (palm of my hand) cut into slices.  4-5 cloves of garlic, (Russian if you can find it has a nice sharp tang to it)   1 stalk of celery cut into pieces, along with a dash of hot mustard (powdered)    also good is adding several slices of fresh ginger (to taste)  NO SALT.  Bring to a boil and then turn down to a simmer and let it cook for several hours.  After about an hour, you can add diced carrots, squash, green/red peppers, if I have corn I cut it off the cob and add it to the mixture.  Two hours into the making, add the barley or rice..  If you are going to add noodles, wait till about a  half hour before the soup is done.  Noodles that are too soggy are not pleasant to eat.  Only at t his stage, do I consider adding salt (if you use salt) and pepper to taste.

Variations of this dish, is to add curry, turmeric or black bean and garlic paste.  that is the delight of this soup, it has so many taste possibilities.  The meat gives you a true beef broth that will take you in almost any direction your little cook’s spirit wants to go.

Remember this morning I was wanting Japanese breakfast, I was at an Asian grocery store that has baked, and cooked goods, this is what I had for lunch.  I treat myself to these dumplings when I’m shopping there for my groceries.

2013-10-29 oct 29 006

Today- I enjoyed the visual poetry that the weather and sunshine day brought my way, and I let my taste buds enjoy themselves with the variety of goodies I “stuffed” myself with.  All in all, a pretty good day… Looking forward to tomorrow.

How about you, was your day a success?  Have a busy day planned for tomorrow?  Whatever comes your way, listen with your heart and mind…

Many blessings, today, tomorrow and always…

photos -Q

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