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quinta-ferian todo mundo- Thursday hola!

Now this was exciting.  I’ve been to fireworks before, we are lucky that here in Canada’s capital area there is a big casino that hosts International firework competitions every summer. Countries come from all over the world to compete, the shows are mind boggling.

However dear readers, this humble picture taken with my smart phone was one of many I took trying to capture the thrill and excitement of being  right under  the captivating spell of a dazzling display of fireworks (in Japan) that lasted about 45 minutes. One magnificent show of colour and artistry after another. You really had to be there. (I have been promised pictures from other members who had cameras, video cams etc. I’ll share when they arrive)

That is pretty much what life is like isn’t it. We can be spectators to what is going on around us, or we can be participants. Pl encourages us to Challenge everything with enthusiasm
Get in there… be the star of your own moment….
You will be rewarded with joy and new encounters that will give long lasting happy memories.

Oh Boy! It’s Thursday.. wow where has the week gone..
Isn’t life a blast. (am I dating myself again!)  =^_^=

Double blessings.. why, because you deserve it.. life is good and you are part of it. I hold you all so dear in my heart.

Comments on: "quinta-ferian todo mundo- Thursday hola!" (2)

  1. Maybe I haven’t seen fireworks in a while, but those seem unusually beautiful!

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