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C'est mecredi! It's Wednesday!

This is another picture taken in Japan during Rensei Training. July/August 2013
On the right is Rev. Tokuo Itagaki, this man was tireless in his encouragement and hosting of all events! The “go to” man for everything. This picture came to me from a PL member from California (thanks Harry) in it you can see more of the entertainers who came by to share time with us.
(Kappa-Za children’s Theatre Group) The key figure that you saw yesterday and is also in this picture is Kimaru. When you chant his name, he comes out to play =^_^=

Well dear reader, here we are half way through the week, amazing eh. Has it been a good week so far?

Today’s teaching on the PL calendar is
“Letting Go of Your Ego Will Make You a Stronger Person”
If you are always caught up with power,status or appearances, you will have a hard time accomplishing anything of worth.
Let go and express yourself fully

Yesterday I am pleased to say that I managed very nicely to avoid any of the above “traps”, kept to myself, got what I wanted and needed to be done accomplished, all with a smile .. A smile works wonders. Granted I was one tired puppy by the time I got home, but I slept like a lamb.

Life isn’t always full of joy filled moments, but if we (me, myself and I) keep a smile and a happy disposition, the day usually works out to be ok,  laughter does win the day.

Enjoy the day, if you live far away, enjoy what is left of the day and have a wonderful night of carefree dreams.

May healing energies bless those of you needing the healing “hug”, If you have extra energy to give, pray that those needing our love feel it in their lives today.

Blessings to each and everyone of you.

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  1. amplitudejoy said:

    Where are you in the picture? I don’t see your happy smile and comforting presence. C

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