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Happy New Year


Wow  December is coming to an end,  With fantasy and sunshine nudging me today, I went in search of Q to see what she was up to.  I found her high  up on a mountain playing with a duck on a frozen pond. She was not delighted at my appearance guessing that I had come to draw her away from her fun to do some work with me.


She did start to run away, or so I thought, but bless her little heart, she decided to play along.


Here she is after changing her hair .. chatting with a couple of the snow people we met along our way.  The little snow boy was really happy that the weather has turned nice and cold.


This mother and daughter were on their way to a snowball “game”… I thought that Q took a bit too much interest..


As you can see, she was keen to take lessons on just how to make a good snowball so that it would make the biggest splatter.  Q wisdom.. if you are going to do something, do it right…


Nothing would do but we had to visit her little reindeer pal for a big fat Holiday hug, you can see her gearing up to swoop down on him.. Q wisdom .. give a hug with lots of love, show you care…


Flying across the frozen landscape, we searched for the site where the 2018 welcoming party would be.  Of course Q was the first to see it..


The stage is set, the decorations are out, now the count down will begin, for night-time to come, and the celebration hour to arrive.

Q what were you about to do?  I am watching you… yes… you little missy Q you don’t mess with other people’s things.  We have completed our mission, we have found a new year’s wish for you… Happy New Year everyone.. I’ll take Q skiing, that will keep her busy for now…  =^_^=  dec.31st_015

From Q aka Dymoon and all my characters..   Blessings to each and every one of you.




kittens, are Dinky avatars found in SL (Second Life)

white AV in pink is a Roo avatar







Our friend Ana from Spain send me this e-mail, and I thought to share it with you.


Querida maestra y amiga Maria del Carmen, quiero compartir contigo y con los demás miembros de PL la felicitación del Año Nuevo que me ha mandado Dymoon desde Canada. Es tan bonita y tiene un mensaje tan poderoso que me emocioné al verlo el día de ayer y por esta razón os lo envío pues es mi mensaje también para todos vosotros, pues tu me has enseñado que compartir hace crecer lo que uno recibe.
Me traslade viendo este vídeo a un momento único y sublime que tuvimos la suerte y la gentileza divina de ver contigo algunos de tus miembros de España en el Rensei de Japón 2013 :)))))))
Aquellos fuegos artificiales fueron los más bellos jamás vistos por nosotros, creados con la ayuda de Dios, la pirotécnica y el ARTE del hombre de PL fueron capaces de realizar esta obra de arte en el cielo para hacer sonreír y emocionar a millones de personas en el mundo y trasladar el mensaje de que con el dinero uno puede destruir o construir la PAZ en el MUNDO. ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Que grandeza y que humildad!!!!!

You can view your card here.

Mensaje que dice a continuación en inglés traducción literal:
Perfecta Libertad el 1 de cada mes 
celebra la Paz del Mundo.
Especialmente el 1 de Enero es una de las ceremonias
importantes para PL.
Marca el comienzo de un nuevo año.
Todos tenemos la oportunidad de un nuevo comienzo
de una vida artística siguiendo las enseñanzas de PL.
Para cada uno de vosotros que ha tocado mi vida, os deseo
salud, felicidad y éxito, hoy y siempre.

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