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Chop Suey Friday 6.17


When I went to Japan a couple of years back for training, I landed in a heat that was smothering.  I’ve been in the Florida sun, the heat of southern California, but never the relentless heat that was beating down in the area of Japan I was in for the training.  I can’t recall the exact reason, but the air conditioning was not working on campus, so not only did I have to adjust to living surrounded by a strange language and more people than I am used to in a given day, I had to adapt to sleeping in Japanese dorm style accommodations.



These were the wonderful ladies from Spain, my roomies.  Ana back left was the only one who spoke any English.  Even with the heat, the foreign languages, somehow we all got along, and had not only a good time, we created GREAT lasting memories.


Days like today, when I start to want to complain about the heat, I think back to when we learned how to work and pull together, enjoying the moments. the heat forgotten, just the combined energy of  “community”  singing and encouraging each one another.


We came from all over,  together we renewed our commitment to working towards World Peace.  Whether in Japan, or back home. the objective is still the same, in working to be a better person, every step will lead to living with love in our hearts, and World Peace that much more of a reality.

PL Precept # 11  Always be with God

PL Precept # 3   God appears through One’s Self

top picture, is the PL Peace Tower on campus in Japan


ed117d9be8ff5c8c365b11e26eb59ef3Would I take this journey

Yes I would …

No doubt …

No regrets …

Because I know

that God is always with me …

If I arrived at this path

I would know that it is a journey

meant for me to take …

lessons, challenges, opportunities

they are gifts, that make us who we are.


Each day is like a new canvas

I can’t wait to see what I will discover

as my adventure begins


This morning’s lesson is about, not being swayed by the past.  It is what we do now, that counts.  When we begin the day with a fresh outlook,  We will be blessed with an adventure from begging to end.


Namaste     –      Oyashikiri

*El Camino del Rey, Malaga,Spain

castle in the sky? cottage by the sea?

Spain, Asturias,Covadonga  High above the clouds

a castle sat, built of stone and made to last

when perched on a chair by a window

we could look out and see forever….

Looking down we saw the town around

and people going about their daily lives

me, sometimes you, and even we two

could sit for hours and enjoy the view

But what  was there for us to do

when not with you, I sat alone

sitting, staring, but not sharing

Are the people below any different

as the go about, do they look up and wonder

what we are doing up here high in the sky

Scotland,Highlands In my cottage by the sea

the coming home is always such s joy

we seem our home. nestled  there,

with the water, hills and valleys

as for as the eye can see

We get to hear the water grumble when it storms

and see the clouds roll in to turn the sky
from blue to gray

Our time is measured by the natural

flow of morning light to end of day.

We know we are not alone,

we see the cars drive by

even the odd hiker will stop to say “hi..”

Yet, we often wonder,

would life be different if we were not by the sea…


Guess what… we all need food to nourish our bodies, and each and every one of us, has our own food preferences.  The same applies to our spiritual needs, we are all wanting to find, love, peace, and tranquility in our days/nights. We each need to travel our own paths to towards this goal.  But what is the common in thread in all of us, big, small, tall, short, whatever, is the love we give ourselves.


Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

* Spain, Covadonga,Asturias

**Scottish Highlands

*** ginger-peanut Somen Noodles


Our friend Ana from Spain send me this e-mail, and I thought to share it with you.


Querida maestra y amiga Maria del Carmen, quiero compartir contigo y con los demás miembros de PL la felicitación del Año Nuevo que me ha mandado Dymoon desde Canada. Es tan bonita y tiene un mensaje tan poderoso que me emocioné al verlo el día de ayer y por esta razón os lo envío pues es mi mensaje también para todos vosotros, pues tu me has enseñado que compartir hace crecer lo que uno recibe.
Me traslade viendo este vídeo a un momento único y sublime que tuvimos la suerte y la gentileza divina de ver contigo algunos de tus miembros de España en el Rensei de Japón 2013 :)))))))
Aquellos fuegos artificiales fueron los más bellos jamás vistos por nosotros, creados con la ayuda de Dios, la pirotécnica y el ARTE del hombre de PL fueron capaces de realizar esta obra de arte en el cielo para hacer sonreír y emocionar a millones de personas en el mundo y trasladar el mensaje de que con el dinero uno puede destruir o construir la PAZ en el MUNDO. ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Que grandeza y que humildad!!!!!

You can view your card here.

Mensaje que dice a continuación en inglés traducción literal:
Perfecta Libertad el 1 de cada mes 
celebra la Paz del Mundo.
Especialmente el 1 de Enero es una de las ceremonias
importantes para PL.
Marca el comienzo de un nuevo año.
Todos tenemos la oportunidad de un nuevo comienzo
de una vida artística siguiendo las enseñanzas de PL.
Para cada uno de vosotros que ha tocado mi vida, os deseo
salud, felicidad y éxito, hoy y siempre.

A Testimony from Spain

This is the” voice” of a PL member in Spain,  I have left her words her own, I hope it touches you as much as it touched me to read what she has to day.  Today at church, I talked of appreciation, and now this evening I have her email, that reaffirms to me how valuable living in Perfect Liberty is.


 Ana Pedrosa

Church Madrid


 I entered in PL the 24th of October of 2009, thanks to a fellow worker and great friend Maria del Carmen Larios, who had returned to Spain her country after 15 years in Argentina. I net Maria del Carmen because she gave me classes of how develop better my business in Madrid, every class I observed her the way she moves and talks and how she acts doing things very different from the others, with a full philosophy of attitude, with love, generosity, being useful to the others  never waiting anything back from others. 

That power, that big example called totally my attention, besides other leaders from our company never taught us so big and so splendid, they always expect something back from us.   She always told us to be better to the society, taking a message of hope, harmony, well-being and she always taught us that everything is possible if it is done with “Art”.

I remember that many afternoons I asked her about her philosophy of life and talk about PL for hours, she said to me that it was thanks to the practice of a Japanese religion, call PL.

I astonished myself reading the prayers book and the newspapers she showed me those days. She started to share with me the PL lessons and principles.    Thanks to PL I have been able to totally understand, experience  the FAITH, because I come from a catholic religious education  and even I always have faith I could not understand it the way I do it now.

 After some months Maria del Carmen started to spread the PL religion with other colleagues and we all love it, she has done it so strongly and with so much affection that we all have began to have a better life practicing this religion.  We meet once a week in our office to pray and to receive knowledge of PL. Maria del Carmen is a big example and she shares her art with us.

Thanks to PL I am much happier in life, I always love life but during the last 3 years I got divorced and it was hard to handle because my divorce has being traumatic, long process and painful.   My 8 years old son is also a PL member  and thanks to PL we are going through this process with love and hope. Both of us feel the Oshieoya-sama blessings every day.

 I have being  in Japan this summer for the Rensei and it has being the more extraordinary experience I have ever had in life.  I have no words to explain the experience but definitively every member of PL should have the dream and bless of being once there. It has being the first time in PL history that a caravan of 6 Spanish people go to Seichi Japan.  These has being possible thanks to Maria del Carmen´s and Sensei Mizunoe blessings and effort.  Thank you to all members of PL for your prayers and well doing.

Thank you Ana for sharing your “heart” with us.  Thank Maria and say hello to everyone in Spain for us.  I hope to get to see you in the new year.



PL Spain

PL Spain

A happier, more positive group I have yet to meet, These charmers were a delight to be around. When we were walking with the flags, their enthusiasm and gusto was catching. What better example of Living Life with Good Rhythm.

During the course of a day, new things happen all the time.
Being positive in life, allows for you to flow with the rhythm of the life, flexibly and willingly. Life is Art.

photo -taken by the group from Spain, that is Ana on the far right, she is the coordinator sharing with me.  It was thanks to them that we have the wonderful picture of the Peace Tower I used yesterday

The song is a PL song and my favourite, it is one of the songs we sang as we marched together to the celebrations with the flags.

Share the love everyone.  Love is what make the world go around.  Love is life…. Blessings to you all!


Picture perfect

Picture perfect

The lovely Ana (from Spain) took this picture while visiting the Holy Land (Japan). She and her friends shared the room with us (dorm) what an energetic and positive group to share time with. The language was a challenge, but suffice to say, we had a great time – love-joy and happiness- always understood in any language.
Thanks Ana for permission to use this wonderful photo.

Have a great day everyone!

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