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Bom dia, tudo bem?


deck flower 3

Greatings everyone, how are you today?

Celebrate with great joy

the gathering of our community

for this day is one of appreciation and joy

at living the blessing of being ONE  in Perfect Liberty


with love and peace in our hearts we reach out to others around us with unconditional love.  Now and always, LIFE IS ART

a forca da PL                                                                                                          the power of PL

Wordless Wednesday – Japan Founder’s Day celebration

Rensei 2016 J

Rensei 2016 h

Celebration of life in the night time sky



photographer -Kelly Nakano

PL Japan 2016

Asking for your help please

Good Morning everyone I’m going to try to share my post from this morning on another of my blogs with you.  I would like your help in praying for World Peace.  


August 1 is a very important date in the PL church.  We come together to celebrate Founders’ Day “Kyososai”.  this is a day where we express our most sincere appreciation to Oshieoya and the First and Second Founders who are still working spiritually for the rapid realization of true World Peace. Also on August 1, a special ceremony is held where we honour all of those who lost their lives in wars, regardless of race, religion or nationality.  In this ceremony we console their spirits and pray for the everlasting peace of humankind. In North American, service will be at  7 pm – please take a few moments to join with us in silent prayer.  If you are near a church you are welcome to join us in person.  the blog above will give you co-ordinates. Share this blog with friends, we need as much support as we can get. We all want to see a better world, where people co-exist  in peace. – To achieve World Peace, it begins with each and every one of us doing our part. 518be33a98b982800ebb1c8e6306ba53

It can be done, we can do it.  We will do it.

Namste   –   Oyashikiri

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