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chop suey Tuesday 21st Feb.


Pl Precept # 15   All is a Mirror

My son called me a short while back, and asked me if I’d ever heard of Alan Watts. He was very serious about it, and I was totally surprised by his question.  In my mind, everyone knew Alan Watts (British philosopher best known for his interpretations and interest in Eastern philosophy)

I had learned a lot from Alan Watts, he had been one of my favourite authors, his words spoke to me, a young Taoist living in Canada where my thoughts and ways were so foreign to most around me.  Alan introduced and popularised Eastern philosophy by his writing and teachings  now I see that his lectures and talks have been transposed and are available on YouTube.  The wonders of the modern world.

For anyone interested, this is the official Alan Watts web page  Alan Watts.com

He was prolific as a writer, and speaker. One of the first to interpret Eastern wisdom for a Western Audience.  With our Church of Perfect Liberty here in Canada, at times this is how I sometimes feel, when I try to introduce and explain, that our church is a philosophy and way of life.

My son renewed my determination to work faithfully and diligently every day to bring the PL Way to North America.  World Peace is so so important to our well-being as inhabitants of this planet.

The PL teachings help us to live in a way that will encourage and help us, live a happy and peaceful, balanced life, this will radiate out from us… bringing more love and acceptance of our unique and diversified personalities and cultures, when we know and show respect, we ourselves, grow and gain from new beginnings..

We are all ONE –

know love, show love, be love.. nurture and exist in a peaceful world


original art-by Q


slow down

Today I saw a transformation that until I witnessed it, I had only heard about.  In the PL church, not so much in North America but in Japan, and Brazil, during service, members of the congregation will stand and testify of the changes, positive and affirmative that Pl has made in their lives.  I myself have felt and been blessed with knowing the wonder, contentment, joy and rewards of having a profound experience.  Today I saw it.

A friend was in a very anxious state, and asked if she could come to our church and pray.  She is not a member, nor had ever expressed any interest, I was surprised but pleased that she felt that coming to the church would help her to cope with her current “problems”  I called ahead to know if a minister would be available, and yes there would be.

This friend is a strong woman of faith, she attends her church on a regular basis, and makes every effort to do a pilgrimage   yearly to the bigger cities and the shrines there.  I had not seen her in a number of weeks and was taken a back when I saw her, she had aged, and seemed totally defeated and sad.  Life had been throwing her “a lot of curve balls.”

We get busy in life, and I immediately felt a pang of guilt that I had not kept in touch, but life is what it is, and there simply had not been the “right” moment.  Our church as I have mentioned is non-denominational, I knew my friend to be a very staunch catholic and I wondered what had brought her to this moment, where she wanted to pray in “my” church. If you are aware of the inside of a catholic church and the inside of a Japanese, zen type room, this would have been a totally “new” experience for her.

She walked in with what appeared to be the burdens of the world on her shoulders.. When she came out of her consultation with Rev. Tiago, she literally glided out into the area where I was sitting.  Her face was radiant, and as she threw her arms wide, she said,”I feel a hundred pounds lighter”.  She glowed.  Her face, her posture, her voice, it was amazing.

The 21st is Thanksgiving in PL (Perfect Liberty),  I will give thanks for having been a part of this wonderful day, I myself had to slow down, I had to go into waiting mode… while she was with Rev. T.  and I really really enjoyed it. I was present in the now, and simply B E I N G.

“A Thankful Heart leads to Happiness”

Namaste   –   Oyashikiri

slow down 1

Do you remember who Eddie Cantor was?

Asking for your help please

Good Morning everyone I’m going to try to share my post from this morning on another of my blogs with you.  I would like your help in praying for World Peace.  


August 1 is a very important date in the PL church.  We come together to celebrate Founders’ Day “Kyososai”.  this is a day where we express our most sincere appreciation to Oshieoya and the First and Second Founders who are still working spiritually for the rapid realization of true World Peace. Also on August 1, a special ceremony is held where we honour all of those who lost their lives in wars, regardless of race, religion or nationality.  In this ceremony we console their spirits and pray for the everlasting peace of humankind. In North American, service will be at  7 pm – please take a few moments to join with us in silent prayer.  If you are near a church you are welcome to join us in person.  the blog above will give you co-ordinates. Share this blog with friends, we need as much support as we can get. We all want to see a better world, where people co-exist  in peace. – To achieve World Peace, it begins with each and every one of us doing our part. 518be33a98b982800ebb1c8e6306ba53

It can be done, we can do it.  We will do it.

Namste   –   Oyashikiri

Buongiorno good morning everyone!

Mineral Flowers @ Danakii Desert in Ethiopia

mineral flowers, dalloi volcano by pascal baegli flickr


This is a picture of acid lakes in the Dallol volcano * beautiful sight isn’t it. Zillions of tiny mineral deposits come together to form magnificent little rosettes that in turn, weave and join together to form natural basins for the acid waters to form.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, how often have we heard that!

It is interesting how different cultures, we go about finding a mate, or partner.  In traveling to the East, I had occasion to speak with a number of different women who were in(what appeared)  very happy relationships, and who were all from arranged marriages.  I say arranged, not the way necessarily that the west has portrayed them but arranged never-the-less.  Having spent the majority of my working life working  as a Stress Management Specialist in Health Care, where over  65% of the issues I dealt with stemmed from unhappy relationships, and in many ways very unhealthy “coupling”.  I was impressed with the natural harmony I saw and felt when talking to these woman.  They found men with common interests and goals, learned what they could about whether or not their goals were similar and found out if their paths were on the same playing field. Then made a decision on whether or not to go forward in a relationship.   This also applied to the men, looking for a wife.   Two criteria, practical and long term.  I’ve simplified this of course , more at another time.

In the culture I’ve lived in here in North America, and the social interactions that I’ve even participated in, is very different.  We seem to be attracted first to the “looks”  (outer wrappings ) of the object  we “desire”.   We can date someone for months and yes even years, and know deep down they are not satisfying our inner needs, yet …we hold on….. why…. out of fear of being alone.  Not having someone to be part of a couple with, so when we go out with friends, or go places we are doing it with someone else.  EVEN WHEN, the activities we are attending or doing (and this applies to both men and women) are not what we really want to be doing.  Ah HAH!!!!  ring any bells.  If you are going to do something, do it because you want to, do it with sincerity in your heart.  If you choose to do something, then do it with joy and enthusiasm,  you are the only person who is in control of your choices. 

nature,natural terrace pool,Pamukkale,Turkey

I like to live quietly in harmony with Nature. To know what you find compatible with your way of life, you first have to know your SELF, and what you want!.  By doing this, you will find a greater sense of inner beauty and calm.     God/Nature/Universe is with us always!         Oyashikiri


Acid Lakes -Ethiopia -photographer Pascal Boegli> Pboog flickr

** Natural terrace pools  Pamukkale,Turkey (turbotwister.ru)



Begin your day with Appreciation

Begin your day with Appreciation

Welcome each new day,
start today with a renewed appreciation for the world
around you… and the people in your lives.
With the world rapidly changing, we need to continue
to evolve, that sometimes means changing how we see things.
At one times their was a family structure that very different from what we see in a lot of families today. Especially here in North America.
In Canada and I believe in the U.S.A. we have something called Mother’s Day, which is one day set aside to celebrate our Mother’s, or the women in our lives who are Mothers, GrandMothers Great Grandmothers, which is nice. It really is.

However when I look around, I see that many women today are not just stay at home moms. They more often then not are wearing multiple hats, mother,sometimes they even have to be the father too (single parent family). They hold down one and sometimes 2 jobs not including the role of being a Mother which is full time. It is hard work being independent and self sufficient,

PL Principle #11 – Realizing that children are God’s children, I will raise my child to become a useful citizen for others and society. Realizing also that children are mirrors of their parents, I will not raise my child indulging in my own emotions and just wanting to satisfy my feelings of love.

The quote I’ve used today by Dorothy C. Fisher is a statement to be applauded.

Let’s be in Tune With the Times.   -Begin your Day with  Appreciation

Blessings and love to each and everyone of you, Now and Always.    YOU are my Sunshine!!!!

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