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Discover the Many Things for Which to Be Thankful

PL teaching for day 21 >  Look at the people around you, the things provided to you by Mother Nature, and all of the little things that bring you joy.  If you search carefully for them, you will find how much you have to be thankful for. > Discover the Many Things for Which to be Thankful  <

Count your blessings.  Oh what a joy felt thought.  I close my eyes and think of so many things that have touched me over the years, and all the friends who have at one time or another touched my “heart”.  My heart is a treasure chest of good memories.  Yes for sure I have known sadness, tears and heartbreak.  BUT the LOVE, happiness and highs that gave me immense and intense pleasures outshine the sadness.  

To know the shattering of  heart, the loss of love, one must first let go and allow love and joy in. The only constant in life is CHANGE, and with change comes new life, new adventures, new tomorrows.  Always live in the moment, enjoy today, now is what counts.

Our blessings are memories of yesterday, the wonders of today, =^_^=, tomorrow will be another today =^_^=

I’m going to try a share a memory with you now.  A rediscovery of a singer who touched my world at one time.. He will be coming to the Jazz Festival this month, it was such a WOW moment to hear this song again.  Blessings all – Have  super happy positive day where ever you are!

Don’t let Yourself Think “It’s too hard” Just give it a Try

PL Teaching for day 12.  Don’t let Yourself think “It’s too Hard”  Just Give It a Try.

Always look at things that appear before you with a can do attitude and accomplish your goals with strong conviction.

At the end of July I will head to Japan to continue my training, as the time draws closer, the anticipation is wonderful, my smile broadens.  I will be there for the PL Founders’ Day festival and learn more about this religion that rose from the ashes of war torn Japan (after the dawn of the Nuclear Age). To know more of PL, Church of Perfect Liberty, visit  http://www.perfectliberty.ca  and or http://www.perfectliberty.org

I will be sharing my journey as it unfolds. =^_^=

Blessed be

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