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1955 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible 265 Cl. automatic*

How is that when vehicles age, rust and fall apart, we still love them.  This one has been kept in wonderful condition, or lovingly restored. I am enamored with the classic cars, trucks, especially prior to 1960’s.   Something happened to the designs after that, and I lost interest.  I viewed the car simply as the means of transportation.  Now many years later, it is a completely different story.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog, even rusted and in decay I can be totally mesmerized. In fact the other day I purchased a paint enamel called “rust”.


When was the last time you actually saw a hood ornament on a vehicle?  I can’t recall seeing one in a long time.  This one is from a 1936 Packard – (Steve Corey,Flickr)  Lately I find that when I need to take a break from being in “work mode” I search out old photos of  cars/trucks and related items for my Pinterest board,  I have asked myself what this interest is in cars that I only have a vague recollection of, and I don’t have an answer.

In PL, one of the lessons is about listening to others, and to not interrupt, to let what is being said  come to us in a manner that we are respectful of the speaker’s intentions. While I do my best to practice this, I’ve found over the years that I do not always allow my own thoughts and desires to be given the “respect” due them. I’m more apt to listen carefully to someone else, a friend for example will be speaking to me and I am interested and giving my full attention to the conversation.   While I act on my interests, I don’t think that I always understand why I’ve developed a passion for a new “interest”

It is said, that when you are being influenced by an invisible force,  (the Chinese mind -TAO) sees this inspiration as a “penetrating influence” it is important to still the mind, and allow the  gentle force to shape and give form to the answers to the unspoken questions.  Through a willing submission to the time and the situation, you will gain insight and perspective… I know I’m not alone in this love of the classic/vintage vehicle, any feedback or input out there?


I admit to wearing a T shirt with a big Chev logo across the front…  LOL … There is no hope for me…  Happy motoring everyone!

Namaste  – Oyashikiri

*mecum.com posted janis Sweat


Time out – Road block

Time out - Road block

Ever found yourself standing alone trying to replay what just happened. One minute you were laughing and talking and the next your friend is off in a huff. Or you yourself have gone from good mood to one of “not so good”. Miscommunication?

Do you stew over it, waste the evening, or do you address the issue?  If you don’t speak about your thoughts and actions, you will not be able to express how you truly feel.

In PL the teaching is to take ownership for our actions and words. By expressing ourselves it opens heart to heart communication/connections. We know how it feels when we feel we have been slighted, or neglected. Saying “Thank you”, or ” I’m sorry” goes a long way towards building and maintaining lasting friendships.

PL Principle #3 > I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things.

PL Principle #6 > I will not be stubborn, being captured by my own thoughts.

PL Precept # 4 > Being annoyed limits your expression.

Strive for heart to heart connections.  Everyone benefits. (PL lesson, day 15)

As long as we insist that  we are separate, individual entities apart from the rest of the universe, then we shall never realize Oneness”  Deng Ming-Dao


Ancestor’s Day – 11th of each month

Ancestor's Day - 11th of each month

Through this ceremony, we express our gratitude for the love and virtues of our ancestors. We ask for their protection and guidance so we can continue to live the PL Way.
PL Teaching for day 11 – Accumulate Virtue and Pass It on to your Future Generations.
We are here today thanks to our ancestors and parents. Always be thankful for what they have done and pass those virtues on to the next generation.
For your own PL calendar and daily teachings, contact us for a location near you. Web link in side bar.

“Success in spiritual life, is measured not by spectacular events, but by daily devotion.” Deng Ming– Dao


A Change of Heart Can Turn the Tide – PL day 6

A Change of Heart Can Turn the Tide -  PL day 6

No Matter what the situation, you can’t change others. The only thing you have control over is how you accept things and deal with them.

In PL, we try to provide, daily readings to help light every facet of life. Brief, poetic aphorism provide insightful meditations, on the day’s PL ( Perfect Liberty) teaching.    Blessings everyone!


Letting Go of Your Ego will Make You a Stronger Person

Letting Go of Your Ego will Make You a Stronger Person

If you are always caught up with power,status or appearances, you will have a hard time accomplishing anything of worth. Let go and express yourself fully.

PL teaching for day 4
Are we really the person we see when we look in a mirror? Are you who you want to be? Through PL consultations, we can learn to apply specific teachings to such questions, allowing for a more positive direction towards our goals.

Discover the Many Things for Which to Be Thankful

PL teaching for day 21 >  Look at the people around you, the things provided to you by Mother Nature, and all of the little things that bring you joy.  If you search carefully for them, you will find how much you have to be thankful for. > Discover the Many Things for Which to be Thankful  <

Count your blessings.  Oh what a joy felt thought.  I close my eyes and think of so many things that have touched me over the years, and all the friends who have at one time or another touched my “heart”.  My heart is a treasure chest of good memories.  Yes for sure I have known sadness, tears and heartbreak.  BUT the LOVE, happiness and highs that gave me immense and intense pleasures outshine the sadness.  

To know the shattering of  heart, the loss of love, one must first let go and allow love and joy in. The only constant in life is CHANGE, and with change comes new life, new adventures, new tomorrows.  Always live in the moment, enjoy today, now is what counts.

Our blessings are memories of yesterday, the wonders of today, =^_^=, tomorrow will be another today =^_^=

I’m going to try a share a memory with you now.  A rediscovery of a singer who touched my world at one time.. He will be coming to the Jazz Festival this month, it was such a WOW moment to hear this song again.  Blessings all – Have  super happy positive day where ever you are!

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