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What church you attend, and how you pray, this is very personal. Only something you can decide. What is important is that you pray. That communication with the Divine/Universe is a constant part of your life on a daily basis.
Always be open to the words/direction/guidance of God/TAO

nov.29_002Call it meditation, call it prayer, call it anything you want, but make the time every day to keep in touch with your “inner voice”  Whether you believe it or not, you are connected to the Universe, in all you say, do, everything.

nov.29_001Some of us pray in a formal church, and many of us, have our own private places where we find our quiet and calm.  The formality of a church can be daunting, and to some boring.  In life I have found that no matter where I’ve gone, or what the circumstances, the people/souls I’ve connected with, no matter the outer appearance, were spiritual in their own way.  ie. in SL, behind every avatar is a human being with a heart that lives and breathes.  In life, everyone we meet has a heart that beats, they live with feelings, hurts and bruises, and have loved and lost just like you and I.

A.nov 30_002

This church in SL is open to everyone.  It is run by a church in the States.  when you arrive at the church, you can obtain a notecard that gives you the information on the how and why of the church.  I’ve cut and paste the first part of the note card for you.

“I hope that you will find sweet kindness here. My SL name is Pelagius Friend (see the note on Pelagius at the bottom of this notecard). My RL name is Benhardt Fraumann and I am a Presbyterian Minister who serves a RL church just outside New York City. My RL website…if you ever want to hear a homily is http://www.communitypc.org. ”   He then goes on to explain the concept of the church and talk about Monk represented in their build, it is very interesting.   Pelagius (350-418 A.D. Approximate)

This is not the only church to provide a place for the many thousands of players in SL. ( PL is also present in SL along with many many others)

Offer sincere words and demonstrate acts of kindness, today and always.  Live with World Peace in your hearts. Blessings today, tomorrow and always.nov.29_003http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Born/178/63/29

photos-Second Life,Church of the Dawntreader, Q

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