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Ireland,druid trees,enchanted forestDruid Forest, Ireland..  What an enchanting photograph. Today being St. Patrick’s day, I’m sure there will be a lot of wearing of the green today.  I know that my experience has been, Irish or not, many people celebrate the day, and share in the ancient traditions.  Did you know that  the ascending  series of  green- white- red-  formed the favourite symbols of the Egyptians and the Celtic druids, Dante who knew his traditional symbology, had Beatrice appear dressed in green,white and red,  which expressed, hope, faith and charity.  Did you know that green is a colour of antithetical tendencies…. it is the colour of life, (growth) and the colour of death.. Similarly green takes the middle place in the every day scale of colours.  LOL  I’m sure that today you will soon loose count of all the different shades of green you see, not to mention the many creative ways green will be shown, or adorned.

Oshieoya-sama (head minister of the Church of PL, Perfect Liberty) wrote an article (May 12, 1984) which was  reproduced for us and distributed in the Perfect Liberty newsletter  volume 7, issue 1, March 2014, in which he talks about the similarity and the differences in PL and other religions.  He talks of how the objectives of religions are all similar , in that they all strive for World Peace, then goes on to talk about how each religion  has its own unique way of  sharing this with their members.  One of the most important things taught in PL is to put the teachings into practice, on a daily and regular basis. For a copy of this article (it is short one page),i n the States, contact Rev. Takashi  Goto     goto@perfectliberty.ca    In Canada   Rev.Eugene Hayashi       ethayashi@perfectliberty.ca  for other countries, either of these ministers will give you contact information.


Ireland's Cliffs of MoherThese cliffs in Ireland bring tourists from far and wide.  When I saw them I thought of how majestic and beautiful they were, how nature over time had carved out each and every crevice in her own way as only she can do.. each section is a story all of its own, yet together they present the viewer with a formidable challenge, could they be climbed?  I know myself, I would want to study all the nooks and crannies to discover the secrets that they would hold.  while I gazed at the shear beauty of the cliffs, I wondered if the photographer had taken close up shots of any of the different rock compositions, and plant varieties…….  Guess I’ll never know =^_^=  another puzzle, that brings a smile.. Mysteries are so much a part of life when one has a curious active mind…

Irish Erin go Bragh -Ireland Forever” May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow……………and any trouble avoid you, wherever you go “   

smilePencilphotographs – Pinterest – cliffs of Moher, Ireland

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