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Wednesday moment

Found this in my files this morning, and wanted to share it. I am reminded every day of how much I have to be thankful for. Yes in PL we have Ancestors Day service on t he 11th of every month, but I include gratitude and thanks in my everyday prayers for ALL the precious encounters I have had over the years.

What I was searching for in my “stash” of photos was a simple bowl of rice, I know I have one somewhere. But when I came across the above one on the importance of living in the moment, I decided this one would do.

The world is changing, and we are having to adapt. We are all capable of living with change, for our own piece of mind, we adapt. Transitions tho’ are not like going to a movie, where you pay your admittance, walk in, spend a couple of hours in someone else’s “world” and then walk back out and presto, we are in a different head space.

When on our own, we are still me, myself and I. Funny how that works, even if you are in a partnership, always you will have your own thoughts and your own feelings. “yes ! no one but you can make inner changes, our life begins and ends with me, myself and I”


I thank the “virtual media libraries ” for the quotes used today. I have gathered such “wisdoms” over the years.. Having used many of them when being active in Pinterest.

sabai sabai

thailand“Sabai sabai”

“A ubiquitous Thai phrase.  it is a greeting, ” like hey man, be cool,” or “take it easy” In Thailand where the people and their customs, are gentle, and a smile is always the way to greet someone, hands  in special position, like a prayer, with a slight low bow.  It seemed like a fitting way to start my greeting to you today.

We have the sunshine today, however, temperatures are in the zero range.  So imagining the sunshine  in Thailand where the weather is “warmer”.. feels good.

I am reading a nook by David Casarett,M.D.  = Murder at the house of Rooster Happiness = the main character is Ladarat Patalung, a nurse who is slowly adding detective to her “talents”   It is a debut book,  one gets to enjoy the sights and sounds of Thailand.  How it ended up in my reading, I don’t remember.  I actually didn’t think I would even be able to still my mind with all that is going on these days, but… wonder..of wonders, it is written in a way that I am drawn to know more about a country I know little about, and learning about customs, and traditions that are interesting.  What a way to travel and enjoy a mystery at the same time.

Seeing life from the perspective of a Thai person, regarding time spent in the USA ..let’s just say.. it made me smile, a lot!!!!

Isn’t that what life is all about, finding moments and ways to bring heart-felt smiles into our daily lives.  When we smile, we pass along our happiness.

africa elephant

The Elephant found in Thailand, is the one also found in India….   an elephant is an elephant to me,  this is a picture I have in my inventory of an elephant, forgive me if there is a distinct difference.

I am feeling an elephant size load of happy today, and want to share it with you.  Being happy is important.. even if it is a struggle to smile, curve those lips and take a nice deep breath.. say to yourself happy happy happy, sabai, sabai… and you will be blessed with a big inner smile.

Till next visit.   sabai, sabai…



Chinese New Year -lunar new year


January 27 New Year’s Eve – most shops will close by afternoon, everyone is in full preparation mode.

January 28 New Year’s Day – at midnight a barrage of fireworks  with more in the morning and evening.  Children are given red envelopes. (and seniors)

January 29,30, 31, February 1, 2          On these days, it is all about family, friends, Chinese New Year clip.. on travel for the lunar new year and relatives. The festive season, ends on February 1, on February 2, the 7th day of the celebrations, many go back to work.  Some shops, companies and office will reopen on this day because  6 is a lucky number in Chinese culture.

February 3 – 11  the return travel begins, as everyone heads back to the towns, cities where they work.

The Lantern Festival, is on month 1, day 15… this year February 11.  Some business may decide to only reopen on Feb. 15 (day 8)  as 8 is also a lucky number.  The non superstitious may reopen on day 7 (Feb.14)

Chinese New Year 2017, Jan 28/29…. will welcome in the year of the Rooster.

A bite of China season 2 English version

Japanese bath and…..


The sign points the way to the ladies bathing area

this time around, I didn’t get the sliding doors into the area

once inside, we remove our shoes

and put them in the slots allotted for guests


On entering into the first room, there are sinks on the left

 to the right an area to remove and put  your clothes in a designated shelf box

once you have removed all your clothes

you can enter into the bathing area,

it is again through a pair of sliding doors.


the chair you see in the back corner

is a massage chair,

I regret to say, I never had the opportunity to try it


on entering there is one north american type stall

next to it is a sauna,

which again, I did not get to use


the next picture will show you the most popular way

to shower and remove the day’s “grime”


I have found that this is the most comfortable and practical

way to wash.  You do your hair, and rinse off well

before you can get into the bath itself.

Soaps, shampoo and conditioner is provided

Once you are all cleaned and rinsed off,

only then, do you enter the bath.


then it is back to the dorm

refreshed and relaxed

ready to roll out your futon

and tuck yourself in

This picture was taken after

some of the participants had gone

we were 12 to a room

what you see is what was in front of me,

from my little “home” while there


this little nook, is where we could get hot/cold water

or cold drinks (vending machines)

just outside our room.  Where the two ladies

are looking is into another smaller bathing area

International visitors are welcomed once a year

we came from North American, Brazil, Argentina

Spain, and, and….. the North American participants were from the States

except for moi,  the only Canadian.


This delightful woman was like our “den” Mother, she

and her crew, manned the International Office,

took our keys, gave out the keys.. rooms were always

locked when no one was in the room

The staff worked from the wee hours till late into the evening

answering questions, helping with our needs,

ensuring we got to meals on time

We always knew we had them there to look out for us.

Even though the majority of them could not speak English

it is amazing how efficient they were

and how we all managed to communicate


it is a VERY  long journey from where I live

to Osaka, Japan, and from there to PL headquarters,  about another hour away.

was it worth it

yes, every minute, second of the pilgrimage

was a blessing

my sincere gratitude and love  goes to all

who shared this journey with me

making it an unforgetable experience.


Being cheerful


December arrives, and the excitement starts to build

The airwaves are full of happy songs anticipating the festive holidays

As children it didn’t matter what or where the holiday originated

not really, it was that everyone seemed so happy, and time was made

for decorating, planning and having friends and family over.

It centered around an evergreen tree, if you were lucky  enough to have

one fresh from the farm or farmer’s market, the smell of the freshly cut

tree would permeate the house.

vintage xmas 1

In school, we were told about what Christmas meant to our classmates

and how, the spirit of goodwill to all, was the lesson we should be learning

Mostly we were from different backgrounds, and the teacher would do

his/her best to  show us how in respecting each other’s  differences

we could all enjoy this wonderful holiday together.  Learn from each other

and share in the giving of “loving one another” and working towards

“peace on earth”

vintage xmas 2

We were encouraged to make something special for those we cared about

it was a time where we made time to find something to give our

closest friends and parents something from the “heart”

It wasn’t about the cost, but about showing how that person brought

happiness into our lives by sharing their lives with ours.

Xmas cards were so much fun to make or pick out, each with a message

that was specific to that friend or parent.

vintage xmas 3

There was an innocence, a joy, it felt good to say Merry Christmas.. to one and all

Not for religious reasons, but because it was being respectful, and caring.

Like saying, “have a great day and life”  Almost always it brought a smile for a response.

vintage xmas 4

Yes, the world is changing, and Yes there are now many more cultures that have come together

under one umbrella.  The month of December is the one time that should be Universal in maintaining

the spirit of Christmas.. (Xmas)….. we are all ONE… we all love, hurt, endure,and live one day at a time.

We want health, happiness and longevity for ourselves and our loved ones.  no matter who we are….

let us celebrate this holiday, with the mantra of “goodwill to all”

allow the cheerfulness of the season, to bring glad tidings to all…..

vintage xmas 6



Love makes all things possible

God is love

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

PL Precept 11  Always be with God

PL Precept # 3   God appears through one’s self.

PL Precept 15    All is a mirror.



Native American

Quanah Parker Native American Comanche 1909


The Native American… by the Native Station   (this is long, but it is hoped you will find it interesting..)

Narive wisdom-artist unknown

In researching the Wampanaog for another blog I write,  I found that there is a whole community in Nova Scotia, Canada. And, in Quebec, and Ontario… I had no idea.  it was rather an eye opener.. if you would (from last blog) a light bulb moment.

PL Principle # 3   I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things

PL Precept # 14   World Peace is Everything

Learning about another culture, meeting other people with diverse or different ways of life and doing things, will broaden my own world.  I believe this to be so.  What about you?  What if anything did you feel about this posting…      I found parts of the video disturbing, but I kept watching and listening.

Namaste       –        Oyashikiri

If you would like to read some more.. I will tweet the article, or you can read it here.



Oia, Santorini

“all things come to fruition when the heart (content) and the object (form) are in accord with one another”

I  don’t think that I can count the number of times, that I discover that my reality and the actual happening, and interaction with others, is totally bonkers.  I talked the other day of time, and perception, every day I learn how askew my reality is, and that because of that, I create my own frustrations and sometimes anxiety.  As a young child i can recall how other children would taunt me and call me names..just because… I was different, I was Asian in a very different culture.  Hurt and confused I would run to my father, who would quietly take me aside and explain to me that in life, there would always be others who don’t understand or accept that I was different.  What counted was, my thoughts and understanding about myself.  I was young, not even close to a double-digit age.  But he would walk me through understanding that it was because they really didn’t know me yet.. and that I should go out and get to know them..  He didn’t let me stay in or shield me, he sent me back out to play.  He taught me that it was their problem if they lacked insight, not mine.


He taught me that life was to be lived, and that meant accepting that it would not always be sunny days, or happy, but what was important was that I like myself, and enjoy the world around me, because it was a gift.   God/TAO was always, always with me, part of me, I was never alone.  In going back out to the play, I did get to know the other boys and girls, and I learned another language.  To this day, my friends from that time of my life, tell me what it meant for them to discover friendship with me, someone with a different cultural background,, and how it changed for them, their perception of others they later met in life that were “different”


The Universe is vast, and often we find ourselves alone with a view that is beyond words, or in a situation that is just so awesome to our inner psyche that.. there simply is nothing to do but absorb and take in the moment.  Even if someone shared that ledge with you… no two people will experience the same emotion in that moment, or “see” the same “picture”.


The Universe, does provide, only it may not be when you want, rather, it will be … when the time is such that you are ready for that discovery/recognition.

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

* Greece

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