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Native American

Quanah Parker Native American Comanche 1909


The Native American… by the Native Station   (this is long, but it is hoped you will find it interesting..)

Narive wisdom-artist unknown

In researching the Wampanaog for another blog I write,  I found that there is a whole community in Nova Scotia, Canada. And, in Quebec, and Ontario… I had no idea.  it was rather an eye opener.. if you would (from last blog) a light bulb moment.

PL Principle # 3   I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things

PL Precept # 14   World Peace is Everything

Learning about another culture, meeting other people with diverse or different ways of life and doing things, will broaden my own world.  I believe this to be so.  What about you?  What if anything did you feel about this posting…      I found parts of the video disturbing, but I kept watching and listening.

Namaste       –        Oyashikiri

If you would like to read some more.. I will tweet the article, or you can read it here.


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  1. I found the quotes inspiring. I will read this a second time, on another day, to absorb more.

  2. https://hadacris.wordpress.com/
    I think this blogger would be interested in this article.

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