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Sand Dunes

Do things joyfully instead of taking it easy. Enthusiastically engage with what’s in front of you. You’ll enjoy it more.

Perfect Liberty 2021.30

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.


How fragile must our own beliefs be, if we resist even listening to opposing ideas. I have schooled myself that when I am ready to totally dismiss another person’s ideas our of hand, I stop myself and try to listen to what the person has to say. I still may not agree, but I will know something more about them – and of my own thinking. In the past year I have listened to another “perspective” on life .. as it is seen and lived in another part of the world. I have learned a lot, in some areas, my personal belief has strengthened, and to my surprise, I gained insight in ways I would not have guessed about myself.

PL Principle # 6, I will not be stubborn, being captured by my own thoughts

Friday everyone, the start of another week-end….

It is raining here today, I heard the forecast yesterday that it was to rain most of the week-end, I have wanted to return the wonderful fragrance of lilac to the backyard. When we bought here many many years ago, the neighbour in the back had a patch of lilacs all along the back fence. In the spring we would step outside to be greeted by their wonderful presence. When new owners came along, they ripped out an ancient old oak, some of you may recall my lamenting that from years back and most of the lilac. They left one .. that was old and weak, it soon died.

It wont happen over night, the plant I brought home is perhaps 3.5 foot high, but it is healthy and from a well established nursery.. I got it into the ground as soon as I got home, then surrounded it with wooden pieces from my various trips these past weeks and months. this will protect it, for its settling in period, Today’s rain, which will continue for the next couple of days, will help it to gently settle in. (Monge Lilac)

Tomorrow May 1. Service at 10: a.m. Day of Peace ceremony

Sunday Service 10:a.m. regular Sunday service.


Oia, Santorini

“all things come to fruition when the heart (content) and the object (form) are in accord with one another”

I  don’t think that I can count the number of times, that I discover that my reality and the actual happening, and interaction with others, is totally bonkers.  I talked the other day of time, and perception, every day I learn how askew my reality is, and that because of that, I create my own frustrations and sometimes anxiety.  As a young child i can recall how other children would taunt me and call me names..just because… I was different, I was Asian in a very different culture.  Hurt and confused I would run to my father, who would quietly take me aside and explain to me that in life, there would always be others who don’t understand or accept that I was different.  What counted was, my thoughts and understanding about myself.  I was young, not even close to a double-digit age.  But he would walk me through understanding that it was because they really didn’t know me yet.. and that I should go out and get to know them..  He didn’t let me stay in or shield me, he sent me back out to play.  He taught me that it was their problem if they lacked insight, not mine.


He taught me that life was to be lived, and that meant accepting that it would not always be sunny days, or happy, but what was important was that I like myself, and enjoy the world around me, because it was a gift.   God/TAO was always, always with me, part of me, I was never alone.  In going back out to the play, I did get to know the other boys and girls, and I learned another language.  To this day, my friends from that time of my life, tell me what it meant for them to discover friendship with me, someone with a different cultural background,, and how it changed for them, their perception of others they later met in life that were “different”


The Universe is vast, and often we find ourselves alone with a view that is beyond words, or in a situation that is just so awesome to our inner psyche that.. there simply is nothing to do but absorb and take in the moment.  Even if someone shared that ledge with you… no two people will experience the same emotion in that moment, or “see” the same “picture”.


The Universe, does provide, only it may not be when you want, rather, it will be … when the time is such that you are ready for that discovery/recognition.

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

* Greece

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