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Wednesday moment

Found this in my files this morning, and wanted to share it. I am reminded every day of how much I have to be thankful for. Yes in PL we have Ancestors Day service on t he 11th of every month, but I include gratitude and thanks in my everyday prayers for ALL the precious encounters I have had over the years.

What I was searching for in my “stash” of photos was a simple bowl of rice, I know I have one somewhere. But when I came across the above one on the importance of living in the moment, I decided this one would do.

The world is changing, and we are having to adapt. We are all capable of living with change, for our own piece of mind, we adapt. Transitions tho’ are not like going to a movie, where you pay your admittance, walk in, spend a couple of hours in someone else’s “world” and then walk back out and presto, we are in a different head space.

When on our own, we are still me, myself and I. Funny how that works, even if you are in a partnership, always you will have your own thoughts and your own feelings. “yes ! no one but you can make inner changes, our life begins and ends with me, myself and I”


I thank the “virtual media libraries ” for the quotes used today. I have gathered such “wisdoms” over the years.. Having used many of them when being active in Pinterest.

Q&A Thursday

Arizona USA Petrified Wood Gallery

Petrified wood, in the Arizona Petrified Forest National park (Wood Gallery) this picture shows them sewn into logs, yet supposedly man was not around? (USA)


Such wisdom has been around for a very long time, why do we have so much trouble really practicing it in our daily lives?

minions 3

Minions, what??? what is it about them that cracks me up, I even went to the big “arches” (McDonalds) when they were the “goodie” of the day.

Angels Landing trail, Zion National Park, Utah.

Angels Landing trail, Zion National Park, Utah.

Some people love a cruise, personally this is still on my bucket list. Yuppers, I’d prefer to do it solo with no one else around, but… it looks like this is a trail that is well-known and I am not alone in wanting to experience it.  Who discovered this trail and marked it for us?  What a “high” that had to have been.

Zion National Park  Utah

This awesome capture was in Zion National Park, It was taken by photographer Long Nguyen, posted in 500px.  When I come across some of the amazing work of the photographers (artists) that search out their passions and capture them to share with us, I am so grateful to them for their skill at translating their experience into a visual format that I can enjoy and share in.

stairway to heaven

OK.. I want to visit here.  Does anyone know where this was taken, the photographer was Petr Marek,  the picture was posted on Fivehundredpx, the trail brought me to his pictures but aside from the title, Stairway to Heaven, there was no other info.??? anyway??  and yes, another for my bucket list.  could take me a while though, and I wouldn’t run up./P

camp fire

Let’s meet back at the camp site.. have the fire going… yawn, its been a good start to the day… loving it.  while I ponder all of this, I wish you all a grand day, I’ll send you off, to take a long walk… with a smile and a  hug of course.  Enjoy your day.. I’m with you all the way, Love you!


Namaste      –       Oyashikiri

PL Precept #2     To Live is to Express One’s Self





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