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sabai sabai

thailand“Sabai sabai”

“A ubiquitous Thai phrase.  it is a greeting, ” like hey man, be cool,” or “take it easy” In Thailand where the people and their customs, are gentle, and a smile is always the way to greet someone, hands  in special position, like a prayer, with a slight low bow.  It seemed like a fitting way to start my greeting to you today.

We have the sunshine today, however, temperatures are in the zero range.  So imagining the sunshine  in Thailand where the weather is “warmer”.. feels good.

I am reading a nook by David Casarett,M.D.  = Murder at the house of Rooster Happiness = the main character is Ladarat Patalung, a nurse who is slowly adding detective to her “talents”   It is a debut book,  one gets to enjoy the sights and sounds of Thailand.  How it ended up in my reading, I don’t remember.  I actually didn’t think I would even be able to still my mind with all that is going on these days, but… wonder..of wonders, it is written in a way that I am drawn to know more about a country I know little about, and learning about customs, and traditions that are interesting.  What a way to travel and enjoy a mystery at the same time.

Seeing life from the perspective of a Thai person, regarding time spent in the USA ..let’s just say.. it made me smile, a lot!!!!

Isn’t that what life is all about, finding moments and ways to bring heart-felt smiles into our daily lives.  When we smile, we pass along our happiness.

africa elephant

The Elephant found in Thailand, is the one also found in India….   an elephant is an elephant to me,  this is a picture I have in my inventory of an elephant, forgive me if there is a distinct difference.

I am feeling an elephant size load of happy today, and want to share it with you.  Being happy is important.. even if it is a struggle to smile, curve those lips and take a nice deep breath.. say to yourself happy happy happy, sabai, sabai… and you will be blessed with a big inner smile.

Till next visit.   sabai, sabai…



daytime adventure

d061c545d187463014aac8405b8c2ddf Good morning everyone!

What a wonderful adventure my friend and I enjoyed yesterday, we spent the whole day living each moment to the fullest.  At the end of the day we were laughing so hard that not only did we have tears in our eyes, my sides ached from all the full body laughs.

My husband bless his heart had to listen to the two of us recount our adventures when we got in.  From his expression, I think our outpouring mirth and chortling was, an experience for him of ” hmmm guess you had to have been there.”

yesterday’s PL lesson, was “Handle things that come your way one by one”  I can honestly say, my friend and I did just that.  Not only did the weather cooperate, the people we encountered were wonderful.  To the men at the border that had to spend time with us explaining what they were doing and why, we offer our heartfelt thanks, it was a quiet time at the border,, so we were fortunate to have experienced their “sunny” dispositions.  Perhaps quizzical at our having wandered into their domain…. they were gracious all the same.


We saw a lot of these badges, being worn by young men in navy uniforms The many many times I have crossed into the States, I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing so many uniformed personnel.  Yesterday we got to see where they worked inside the building that is there.  Now I know what is inside the building.  There is always something new to learn. =^_^= Having never seen this area of the border crossing, we were both rather curious and looked around us much like we would have enjoyed a stroll through a museum, or a first time visit with a friend. (which we also did yesterday)

Ok so the decor was rather severe, and the colour scheme was not meant to be welcoming.  It was a no-nonsense  environment, the metal seating in the waiting area gave us a clue that not all visitors to this area enjoyed  the visit, nor was their any indication that tea and crumpets would be offered. However, the staff, the men we interacted with, were cordial and did their best to make sure we were at ease.

0552aea56ae6f29a0d7313148b2342e3As a Canadian living near the border into the States, we travel there a lot and we love discovering the vast array of geographical countryside they affer.

The people we meet along the way have always been welcoming and happy to share their country with us.

Be aware, that even though we are neighbours, they have their own rules, laws and ways of enforcing them.

I think that what made the days so special for my friend and I was that everyone we met was so special, each in their own way.

Best of all each encounter we had with a challenging opportunity, we saw the humour and the fun side of the experience.

It was a long day,and each moment was lived to the fullest, it certainly will be a day that will have lasting memories for us, and our friendship has taken on even more sparkle.

We should live each day with enthusiasm, after a good night’s sleep, wake up refreshed and ready for whatever comes your way.   One of my frist thoughts for today was that perhaps, since we travel so much into the States, we should look into the Nexus card. =^_^=

148f5fb37857a68807481cb2e0e1ad0aLife is good!  I’m happy happy happy…..  how about you?  You ready for a “boss” day,  May each and everyone of you feel the love I send out your way, may your day be blessed with sunshine and the making of happy memories.

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri



Japan, aspects of

Japan, aspects of

Now back home in Canada, in the middle of Nature’s awesome exhibit of her Fall colour palette, I find myself drifting off to memories of my all too brief time in Japan.
Japan had never been one of my travel destinations, so when I decided to go, it was pack up and go, no research or prior reading was done on the country, their customs, attitudes and behaviors.

For instance, I had no idea that in Japan public toilets did not supply paper towels, or hand dryers. I would have known to bring with me my own handkerchief.

Western tradition, we say “Ladies first”… Japanese tradition is “you first” the other person is placed on a higher social level than oneself… BUT… interestingly, going through a doorway, the senior male is expected to lead the way, and on a crowded train or bus, there is not need for a man to give up his seat, no matter how many packages or children a woman may be carrying. (social expectation)

When invited for lunch, a visitor usually leaves by 3 pm. while for an evening meal, visitors do not stay any later than 8 pm, even if encouraged to stay, the polite response is to leave. Host and family will often even go as far as the transit station with their guests. At the least, they will all stand at the door wishing the parting guests, safe journey etc.

The Japanese language is rich with special ways to express gratitude  ie..
O-machido-sama deshita, -Thank you for waiting.
Go-chiso-sama deshita – Thank you for the meal.
Go-kuro-sama deshita – Thank you for going out of your way
O-tsukara-sama deshita -Thank you for your hard work.

Think how often we hear or say Thank you in our daily lives.

What I did experience and loved was the underground streets (Chikado) (areas of shopping) that are built in conjunction with major subway stations (train stations) in the larger cities, ie. Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya in particular)

Every eating place (shokudo) and resutoran (restaurant) has an outdoor display cabinet that contains shokuhin sanpuru, (life size plastic replicas of dishes being served in that location). I understand that in most cases, what you see outside is a very close duplicate to what you will actually get in the shop, down to the number of slices and size of portions.

I came back home with a yen for more of the fabulous food offerings I had while in Japan.No, this taste delight has not been satisfied. I will have to continue in my searching. chances are I’ll do better in a larger city, i.e. Toronto. If you have any suggestions, please send them along to me.

In PL we say…. Saying Thank You creates a heart to heart connection.  If you don’t put your thoughts into words and actions, you will not be able to express how you truly feel.  By expressing your gratitude in words, you can really get your feelings across.

Blessings to you all, now and forever

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