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Friday the 13th Everybody! Hurrah!!

This little guy is getting ready to go to the church with me to set up for tomorrow’s Garage Sale. Been sorting and pricing for days, jewelry,crafts,scrapbook supplies, the stuff still left to take in. There is more at the church that I will be getting at later today. We have a crew coming in later in the day to help.
Tomorrow, bright and early we will be ready for you.  Come share the fun with us.
A big thank you, to those of you who are so kind to write and/or give likes, I love hearing from you.
Yes I do have a Pinterest page- check Dymoon Canaille,

NOW.. tell me about you, how are you doing today?
Do you have a full day ahead of you, or in a different time zone, How has your day been so far?

In PL we believe GOD resides in your prayerful mind. When we make a heartfelt and continuous effort, The Universe responds to our Makoto (sincerity).

Have you ever read any of the works of Wayne W. Dyer?
He wrote “ While God represents the one power and does not recognize any other power, your mind is something quiet different. Your mind has both the power of evil and the power of good. As long as you use this power for the purpose of creating harmony in yourself and others you are consistent with the one Power of spirit. Spirit is the one unifying force in the Universe”

No effort is ever wasted. No matter how small your efforts, your Makoto will always be rewarded.

Smile dearest reader,really I ask you right this moment to smile with me, aaaahhhh a smile feels so good.  A nice wide smile, eyes closed. YES it just feels soooo darn good!  Your inner smile is ALWAYS with you. Use it.

Feel the love and joy being sent to you today. God/TAO resides in your prayerful Mind.
Now and Always. amen

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