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Egg Roll Tuesday

do egg rolls count as calories

only if you admit to having one

what if they are baked

and not fried

really .. would it still be an egg roll

OK, I will go back out to the garden

pretend we never had

this conversation

you decide

I say

no egg roll,

no calorie

but then, what do I know…

so YOU know

they are homemade

a calorie, will never hide

there is no lying

the real you

will always know

whether you admit to it

or not


bake for 30 minutes


Comments on: "Egg Roll Tuesday" (7)

  1. Moz Loordes said:

    We’ve all got to eat, homemade is best!

  2. Whatever is home and handmade from right choice ingredients healthy and tasty. It is not junk!

  3. Egg rolls good.

    • Hi Tony how you feeling today, cheered up and raring to get started your week-end.. Egg rolls when I do them are baked, and yes very good.. I know what is in them =^_^=

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