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May 1.


The other day I got this idea for a song. That worked when I lived across from a musician and we could work on ideas whenever we got in a creative mode. ie. we each had time at the same time. That was years ago, Dave has since moved on with his life, and I mine. Until recently I have been happy writing my blogs and short story lines.. But the other day.. these words came to me…that to me, were not a story, but.. I could hear them with a melody. A lot of good that is .. since I do not play an instrument , yet…its an idea I want to explore.

This is one of the plus items.. on being home. I get to pull out my project drawers and either rediscover them or purge them. so much can happen in a short period of time.




The emotion and music of love takes on so many different faces.I am rediscovering the music in my life.

Please make time this month and every day for the rest your life, to grow in love … to reach out and embrace the world around you with renewed vision. There is only now.. the past is long gone.. have faith, love unconditionally.

Harmony brings us peace. let’s strive to always maintain good relationships and in the community we live in. at home

Perfect Liberty 2020.1


artistic expression

is everywhere.
This was my song yesterday. Awesome. For me, Nature wins hands down


Modeling foam

Artminds, Michaels air dry

Be thankful at the beginning and end of each day. Each and every one of your actions can inspire peace within your family, your community and the world around you. this peace will eventually help lead to World Peace.

Perfect Liberty 2020.21
Each of us has our own way of thinking
and our own individual lifestyle. That’s what makes life interesting
PL day 20


Please join us at 7 PM in prayer as we perform the Thanksgiving Service. Share in our prayer and re-commitment to physical and spiritual renewal

Humbly express appreciation to God for all the blessings of the past month



remnants of the past
no matter how magnificent in their time
sometimes, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication
to restore and begin again
what was…. will never be what it was before
it may look the same, but it has undergone so many changes,
it can be deceiving, it is now, functioning and performing in NOW

Enjoy the changes in your life. Things around you are constantly changing with the ties. Take on the challenging and new experiences as materials for self expression.

Perfect Liberty 2011.16

Use any results, good or bad, as a stepping stone. All outcomes, whether positive or negative, are important experiences. Let’s use them wisely for our future progress

Perfect Liberty 2012.10


Don’t give up!

little inner voice

Don’t give up! Stick with it, as many times as it takes. Sometimes you want to just throw in the towel and say “I give up”, but, that’s the time for you to dig deep and push through. Your sincere effort will invite a good outcome.

Perfect Liberty 2020.6
one day, this is what you find -new fence destroyed
another day -skies are blue and all is right

We never can predict tomorrow. It is how we live and accept our todays that count. Don’t give up! Stick with it, as many times as it takes!


Everything will work out

Always think that everything will work out. When you allow yourself to be pessimistic your thoughts and actions become sluggish. approach everything optimistically without hesitating..

Perfect Liberty 2020.2


Inspiration Park

I needed a change. I’d been listening to “Rocking Country” “Blues” this is always good background music for me when I’m “working”..For some reason, I decided to look up what events were on at that moment. There was a live concert, of native flute, and drum, totally different.

From right to left. I looked up events. Found that the show had just started, fixed my hair and taxied over. It was so totally different from the foot stomping music I’d been listening to, I wasn’t sure I’d stay. The performer, was explaining that he had made several of the different flutes he would be playing, It was not electric, it was acoustic, it was pure and simple. Within a very short time, (picture on the left) I was zoning out, really chilling.

Sometimes it is easier to do what we are used to. BUT, when we step outside the box, our perceptions, our senses reawaken, I drifted, let the music come and go, let the moment happen, and the tired weary part of my physical self, sighed and ahhhhh I really really relaxed. when I got to bed, I SLEPT.

When you think “I’ve got it” think again.It is so easy to misinterpret the situation and jump to conclusion. Always have a humble attitude, and double check to make sure.

Perfect Liberty 2020.13

Treasure each moment in time. Life is a continuation of “now” Treasure each and every moment as it comes, so that you an live your life as fully as possible without regrets

Perfect Liberty 2016.10


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