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self expression

The infinite charm of self-expression lies in the creating of art itself, I can be happily doing something that pleases me, and seldom  know what it is I’m going to do before I actually do it.

photo by Frans Lanting

Mushrooms, moss and an old log, photographer Frans Lanting took this picture , Manu National park, Peru, those are Cup fungus in the Amazon rainforest. She captured a still of a very vibrant living landscape.   When we are creating, we must perceive the subject &  really fully grasp its essence, the visual, evokes inspiration, which in turn creates and stimulates a desire for expression.

Dryad's Saddle (Polyporus squamosus) fungi

Dryad’s Saddle (Polyporus squamosus) fungi

When we put our full attention, sincerity and scrupulous attention to whatever creativity we engage in, the results are much more rewarding and pleasing to us.  So it is when we are faced with a challenge.  How we proceed, the choices we make, all become part of the fabric of the results or product that we produce.

mushrooms, morel, {acific Northwest

Today was a day of “Learning”  I’ve been building/creating for a long time using virtual software,graphic programs and I’ve happily done a little bit of this and a bit of that. Content to play. A dear friend and mentor that I hadn’t seen in a long time popped over and while we were talking she suddenly asked me why I hadn’t done something.  I had no idea what she was asking me, but in discussing it with her, I realized she was talking to me about a step or process in the doing of something, that I didn’t do, and it caused problems with some of my presentations.  I had known that I had to work at achieving what I wanted, and was often stuck with the problem so had to work around it.  Now here she was asking me a simple question,  in that moment, she opened a whole new window for me.

mushroom,Phellodon sinclairii fungus in beech forests of New Zealand

It was too much for me to take in, I will have to review our conversation, look up tutorials, meet with her again, and and and. I was happily doing my thing… but… to someone with experience in what I was doing, I had left out a step in the process. hmmm I reflected as my head hit the pillow. There is always something to learn.  Then my mind decided that perhaps I should deal with some of my other creative projects.. do something less “Intense”  So now it is 4:52 a.m. and I’m still up.  Yes I’ll pay for it tomorrow, but this is something I wanted to do.


Now that I know there is another step and that if I do it another way, I will have different results, what will I do  I will learn the new method, because I like learning.  However, if I am creating  something because it pleases me, will I do it the new way after I’ve learned how, or will I want to do it the old way.  To grow I need to be able to let go of what I have done, and have an objective mind”  There is a saying… our Self is revealed when there is no ego....

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

PL Precept #6   Efface your self conceptions





3rd picture -Morel Mushrooms (Pacific Northwest)

4th-Phelloodon sinclairii (fungus,New Zealand) by myxonz-flickr


sowing love


Given a choice, I want love in my life.  In order to have love in my life, I have to learn to suppress my ego.  Ego is something that I have to deal with on a daily basis.  Ego often  intrudes on my day by wanting me to do or say something that may satisfy me in the moment, but will it do so at the cost of peace of mind.


While out with a friend today. since she was driving I could sit and  look around in a way I can’t do if I’m the driver. There was no concept of time, just a feeling of quiet and a gentle happiness.  The day was awesome, temperature for me was perfect, the sunshine bright and warming, yet the cool freshness of a fall day would lazily drift in and around us while we walked along to where we were headed.  The meal wasn’t the best… but we had fun just being together and living the moments.  Others in the restaurant shared their disappointment in the general disorganization of the place.It was under renovation, and instead of closing while they did what they had to do.. they were open for business.  It was not a good experience  -food wise- other than that.. it was great being with a close and long time friend.


We often get to spend time alone, even when we are surrounded by people, we can be alone.  Our minds either allow other energy in, or it dismisses it.  I can be very content on my own, my creative juices can run rampant when I am left to be creative.  But when I am sharing time with a friend, and that friend is connected to the me that is inside my head, wow, it is beyond any words that I could use to express the moments that we share.  It can be as silly as eating food with the wrong end of the chopsticks.  Or saying something mundane and silly yet to us it is mind-blowing and profound.


It is in knowing our true selves, that we can sow love with the knowledge that love IS eternal and it does last forever.

True love is the energy that binds us together. in solitude we are experiencing a copulative moment  in the  spiritual realm.. the connection pure and everlasting.

‘When our resolve is to live a life of love.  Sitting in solitude is a healing energy… and when we share with all sincerity , the essence of that love grows as does the friendship.


When life is taken from us, we can only let it. LIke waves of the ocean, or the rings in a tree, we are where we are supposed to be.  Acceptance makes us stronger.. pushing against Nature’s forces, will only make the lesson harder.

Be safe – Walk in peace

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

photography – Pinterest

lazy >< motivation

quote Jeff Foster -fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akkamaihd,net

What if I feel like having the best darn lazy afternoon i can have.  Objective, doing only what makes me feel sinfully lazy, resting in a chair, feet up, with nothing but a good book, or better still, closing my eyes and enjoying the sound of nothing in particular.

Why, must I feel that I should be motivated to do something, like wash the bathroom floor, or dust the cobwebs from the ceiling.  Or, motivated to answer a phone because it is ringing.  We are often compelled to respond to the “need of others” rather than to listen to our inner voice, to chill/relax and to let our own thoughts and feelings take their time to materialize.


I have no problem doing this…. do you?

*“grant me the wisdom to know that a human’s true path is to cast aside one’s ego”

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

phone pic. chrisstott.com

* PL Prayer

one step at a time … we go forward

0997bc7c08ba Africa


Where will your path take you?  Wherever your footsteps lead, be someone who can share Joy with others.  Strive to truly understand the feelings of others.  Let go of your ego and express yourself fully.





This hug is just for Y O U  …….. may your day be full of inner joy and contentment……    Walk with Godbear hugs


Love is for sharing……     Oyashikiri




As an artist I love to discover the artistic creativity of others who share this passion. In SL last night (Second Life) I found bridge, it was late when I came across it, and the sim I was on was experiencing the night cycle. I turned my settings to noon so that I could glimpse what I would find today when I plan to return…
A bridge is always an invitation to explore. But look. see what the artist has done here, one one side of the bridge one is in a fall setting with all the wonderful bright colours of fall. When I took a peak on the other side of the bridge, I saw that the winter wonderland had arrived.
Today when we get back from our hoped for drive (so the dogs can have a proper run in the dog park in Morrisburg) I’m excited about the possibilities of some great camera shots.
For those of you following my latest adventure in SL, I started out thinking I’d be a neko then that changed, and I bought a Possat avatar, I quickly learned that this new society I was entering had/has many many faces. The artistic need in me emerged and my inner self has been challenged to put a visual expression to just “who” Asia is. (name of the current avatar)
I will save the musing on the creation of physical representation of who I am for another blog, suffice to say, the lessons I am learning with this experiment, is that I still have an ego that is healthy and functioning. =^_^= at top capacity.
This is where I currently am in my transformation. A new friend I met yesterday (Elle a stunning furry with a number of different looks to match her feeling and mood of the day) gave me LM (landmarks) for places to shop for accessories to my AV (avatar) and clothes that are made for the “Furry” communities.

Asia chinchilla_005

Come on now.. how can you resist those eyes….=^_^=

Just deciding who and what you will be is fun, reminds me of when I was a preteen and loved living in a world of fantasy, dress up and designing clothes for my dolls.  now I’m the doll.            smilePencil


Letting Go of Ego

Letting Go of our Ego

PL teaches > if we are always caught up with power,status and appearances, we will find it hard to accomplish anything of worth. We are encouraged to “Let Go” and express ourselves fully.
Gosh, “ego” can be so abstract. Often it isn’t till I am well into the fray that I discover my “ego” has helped land me there.

For fun I looked up “EGO” in the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, why not… it is very early in the a.m.  and i want to know what the academic definition is of EGO is, since i seem to have one of my very own.  Here we go. 1> a person’s  sense self esteem or self importance   (2 )psychoanalysis  the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious mind and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity. Compare with ID and Superego 3. philosophy (in metaphysics) a conscious thinking subject.

I just know you feel so much brighter and care free with this little tidbit of information tucked into your gray matter =^_^=….

Personally I think that    an “ego” is a very personal part of our “personality and character.  Certainly there are days when it can be very fragile, and other days when it is simply mulish.  Ego might be something to discuss with Rev. Eugene next time we are sitting down for a “visit”.  Consultations and visits with the ministers is very encouraged in the PL church.  When James H. Rutz (free lance writer) talks about the formality in churches and how the personal sharing and one on one has disappeared from many of the “today” churches, I’m happy to say that this is not the case with the PL Churches,   PL has a unique way of offering “Personal Guidance”

We believe strongly that happiness is built by establishing wishes and goals.  through consultations with a PL minister, you receive personal guidance tailored to your individual character and situation.  You can receive consultations from a PL minister for any kind of problem or situation.  Not only do PL Consultations help you solve problems, but through consultations, you can learn how to express your true self for the sake of society and for the sake of others,  

Our mission in PL is to create  World Peace, we believe we can do this by passing on from one person to another the teachings of PL

Letting Go of Your Ego Will Make You a Stronger Person.  Tall request… nah… put your mind to it and YOU CAN DO IT.

H A P P Y    F R I D A Y     everyone!  Enjoy your day whatever you are doing?  Make every second count !!

Love and blessings…… now and always


photo- Loco Poco Monkey avatar,SL virtual world – taken by Q


Letting Go of Your Ego will Make You a Stronger Person

Letting Go of Your Ego will Make You a Stronger Person

If you are always caught up with power,status or appearances, you will have a hard time accomplishing anything of worth. Let go and express yourself fully.

PL teaching for day 4
Are we really the person we see when we look in a mirror? Are you who you want to be? Through PL consultations, we can learn to apply specific teachings to such questions, allowing for a more positive direction towards our goals.

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