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Repeat after me =^_^=



Even if you don’t have what you need, you will find a way.  Be creative in your efforts.  If you fixate on what you don’t have, You will never be blessed with wisdom and way to solve your problems. Think creatively to get past any obstacles in your way .Often the Universe steps in and forces a slow down, or a rest that we don’t take time for.  the things that come into our lives, including people and circumstances, happen regardless of what we would prefer, or what is convenient for us.  Nature has a sense of humor that is all her own. =^_^= we, (human beings) are born with the ability to experience pain so that we can avoid pushing our bodies beyond natural limits.  Do we listen?

PL Percept # 18   Each moment is a turning point.

Good morning everyone…. have a positive and happy day!   Oyashikiiri…….



Taken in Japan- Perfect Liberty headquarters



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