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What was


Still is ………. only now

Ciudad Perdida, pre-Columbian site, founded about 800AD

the passion, the love

is a memory 

that haunts the visitors

of today


 a traveller of the Universe

I love and live forever

no more, no less



* Machu Piccu -rebubble.com
** ljspillowbrook.tumblr.com (pre-Columbian site of Ciudad Perdida, approx 800AD)

*** Persepolis, buzzfeed.com


Live each day with Excitement

Live each day with Excitement

PL. teaching. Live Each Day With Excitement > Challenge everything with enthusiasm. You will be rewarded with joy and encounter happy occurrences.

PL is a non denominational church, Did you know that? To embody the PL teachings, you do not have to go up into the mountains for hours of meditation, nor fast for many days. Oshieoyasama gives us simple practical and useful ways to learn to live the PL Way.. (You can learn more by contacting one of our ministers today, or myself for contact information in the country you are in) Our website is in the right sidebar.

Life is Art, is the foundation of our faith. Your life is your very own unique work of art. If you cut corners or miss important details, you will not be able to live up to our fullest potential.

Everyone wishes to be happy and lead happy lives. Your environment and the things that happen in front of you are all materials for your self expression. In PL we are taught that with God’s blessings we will be able to freely express ourselves using these materials.

There is only one you.an individual, so unique and special, YOU are the artist. Together, let us live this day with excitement and enthusiasm.

B L E S S I N G S  for a God filled day..

Love and Light

photo-landscape SL,Second Life, >Q

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