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have you ever…

38444747-8822-4882-9e46-9e80604958a0Have you ever dreamed you were in a wonderland

A place surreal and yet familiar to you at the same time

Has part of you been full of bubbly emotions

like elation,  joy, happiness and  contentment

or on the other hand

does the land you travel feel tarnished with a sticky grime

no longer does the sun shine..  you are agitated and feel a constant niggling commotion

life is serving up over or underdone moments with no amusements

at least none that you understand

it happens, and it happens often

where life and dreams collide

 when we look inside, we find ourselves actually inside looking out

and instead of tumbling down a rabbit hole

we are launched into space

travelling at the speed of light

with no known goal in sight

oh dear, I’ve dropped the book and lost my place

what a way  to end the night…

have you ever?


There really are times in my life when I am so full of love and happiness that life becomes upside down, worlds do collide, and still, I’m happy!

My wish for each and everyone of you, is that such joy fills your moments, and that no matter your state of health, or  where you are in life, you feel and know the contentment of a happy heart.       Namaste – Oyashikiri


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