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China, snow castle

This is a picture of the Snow Castle built for the Harbin Snow Festival in China.

snow, NY city

A not so much fun time for commuters in NY City after/during a winter storm

Sand storm

How about this, this is a sand storm, never experienced one, and hope not to, this is my first time to even see one

Weather happens, we have absolutely no control on what will appear over the horizon, we can guess, forecast, but the truth is, the world is so big and there are so many factors involved that we are never really sure .. the only certainty is when it happens.  We all know the possibilities, we all have experienced the weather in one form or another.  Sometimes it has been simply blissful, and other times, downright problematic, but we deal with it.  What else can we do.  Rain, or shine, the core of it all … is… we are alive… we are living it.

Each day is a new beginning, it really and truly is.  Yes the weather can be fierce, but it can also be like this.

Canadian Rockies, lodge

For this picture to have been taken, (Emerald Lake Lodge, Canadian Rocky Mountains) there had to have been a snow fall, lots of it. In life, it is our choice to see and dwell on the negatives, or whether we take action, deal with it, and move on.   Whether we like or love the weather, it doesn’t matter, it is here, now and always …. our forever companion through this journey of  ours here on earth.

snow and sun

The sun shines, even when it snows.  So can you.  Whether we are happy or not, that is our decision, and ours alone.  Weather is not the indicator or reason for our “moods”…

snow, loving it

This little critter is basking in the sunlight……….  enjoy

When we live with love in our hearts

we are weather proof


PL Precept # 7    Everything exists in Relativity

PL Principles # 2     I will not have complaints about others, matters, nor the weather,  Rather 

I will always be creative and will look for shortcomings in my own thinking and actions.

Namaste    –     Oyashikiri

pinterest & 500px.com

story… a moment in time

The rain fell relentlessly, it poured so hard that the leaves and smaller branches outside the shelter were bowed  in acceptance of the storm that raged.  The winds had picked up, and taller trees were being buffeted by the fierce, determination of the gales that blew over and through them.

storm at sea

Thunder flashed across the sky, down below the water would be churning, the waves demonic,   What was happening, she felt nothing.  While all around her the world expressed her mood, her pain,  the turmoil in her brain… she was a quiet witness, unfeeling to the searing pain within.


Some how, God was protecting her from the wrenching emptiness in her heart, from the cold reality of the moment.

To survive this moment, God had crystalized her heart.   Under different skies they had promised never to part, to always, till forever be  man, wife,mother,father.   she gasped, clutched at her heart, the children, what would she tell the children.


At the thought of the children, there was a sudden change in the air, in the mood, the wind/rain seem to abate, she felt the tear slide gently down her cheek. In the distance she saw a golden glow.


The children would be on their way home now, the skies were clearing, she could make her way back to the house, and no he wouldn’t be there, but she would be…. and the  joy of making a home filled with love and laughter, void of the frustrations and disappointments of a “dream” gone bad, would be the making of another chapter, in a world full of promise.


Storms happen…………but they don’t last…………….. Sometimes we have to leave the past behind…….. and move on into the sunshine of another………moment in time.

Namaste      .       Oyashikiri

pictures can be found on https://www.pinterest.com/qyhatharbour/weather-%2B-misc-intertest/

Amazing, its going to be a joy filled day

Goedendag, Buen dia, Bonjour everyone!  Can you feel the energy and the positive feelings of this new day!  So much to be thankful for. LOL I haven’t been up that long, so the happy thoughts and the positive energy is at its peak, raring to get going with the day.  It  is good to be able to express one’s thought with honesty, So what happens when we wake up with only part of the happy showing maybe the glow is somewhat dim. It does happen.  Let us not delude ourselves that every day is a merry one.

storm clouds

This picture shows storms clouds passing over Cromwell, notice the different density and appearance of each one, some are rather menacing, daily challenges can (if seen) can appear to us this way. Clouds do come bringing whatever atmospheric debris they have collected, some will simply sail on by, other’s may linger, but the reality is once they’ve expressed what they needed to, they evaporate and go away.

storm,yellow boat flickr

We need only to batten down and weather the storm.  During rain, thunder,lightening and the like, we calmly do just that, we adjust, change our plans, and reschedule events etc., So why is it that we don’t tackle the emotional side of life the same way.  PL Precept #1 – Life is Art.  When we live in the moment, accepting that it is now that counts, the time flows easily, for living our true feelings and expressing ourselves honestly brings a deep sense of self awareness. Because we focus on the moment and live it when it happens,

RAinbow - Mark Riddick on Flickr

Meditation and prayer works for me, we all have a means or method that works for us.  The trick is to practice our “personal philosophy” not just give it a place on a shelf, we have to put into practice what know works for us.  Not just now and then, or when an emergency moment happens, we need to practice, and hone our spiritual connection daily till there is no doubt in our minds that it is there.  Then we  always know that we are never alone,the Universe is part of us, therefore a storm cloud is merely a moment in time, it will pass.  Be Happy!  Smile, feel the  joy and double it.  Pass it on!

water, calm found on scoop Jesus Hernandex

Namaste  – Oyashikiri


* Clouds out of Cromwell by 68 Bones on Flickr

** yellow boat by Jamie Walhouse on Flickr

*** blue sky rainbow by icecubephoto – Flickr

**** found on scoop.it

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