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chop suey Thursday

IMG_4093Some times when we are travelling full speed down a Provincial highway, we admire the beauty along the sides of the road.  Same is true when we are on secondary roads.  My mind will pick up on a detail, that later brings me to another storyline.

old orchard beach taken by B

Two very different landscapes, yet each sends me images and text.  I imagine that for many this is also true.  This morning, when I opened up my mail, one of the images I saw was this one.

fantasy house Pinterest

Of course I thought immediately of Norm’s Thursday Doors.  His this  week is AWESOME Norm 2.0  For those of you who know my love of the “character” doors, you will appreciate why today he had me mesmerized..

My husband has been wanting to take me back for a visit to Newfoundland and Labrador, he worked there years ago when he was still doing radio/TV… I have also been there, but just to visit, now seeing Norm’s doors, you can bet your booties, I am going to be suggesting that YES, Let’s pack up the truck, bring the dogs, we are going exploring.

See that is what an image can do for me.  I love seeing the world through the lens of another, as well as my own.  When we focus, a whole new world opens up for us.

BE  present.  always.  listen giving full attention.  the rewards are   A MA Z I N G

I didn’t plan on a trip to the States yesterday, but there I was, having lunch in NY State, and adding to my fabric stash.


Life is good, life is great, being alive to see the fall colours, WOW, we are so lucky those of us lucky enough to experience Nature in  all her seasons.  Yes even winter.


PL Precept # 21 live in Perfect Liberty

Amazing, its going to be a joy filled day

Goedendag, Buen dia, Bonjour everyone!  Can you feel the energy and the positive feelings of this new day!  So much to be thankful for. LOL I haven’t been up that long, so the happy thoughts and the positive energy is at its peak, raring to get going with the day.  It  is good to be able to express one’s thought with honesty, So what happens when we wake up with only part of the happy showing maybe the glow is somewhat dim. It does happen.  Let us not delude ourselves that every day is a merry one.

storm clouds

This picture shows storms clouds passing over Cromwell, notice the different density and appearance of each one, some are rather menacing, daily challenges can (if seen) can appear to us this way. Clouds do come bringing whatever atmospheric debris they have collected, some will simply sail on by, other’s may linger, but the reality is once they’ve expressed what they needed to, they evaporate and go away.

storm,yellow boat flickr

We need only to batten down and weather the storm.  During rain, thunder,lightening and the like, we calmly do just that, we adjust, change our plans, and reschedule events etc., So why is it that we don’t tackle the emotional side of life the same way.  PL Precept #1 – Life is Art.  When we live in the moment, accepting that it is now that counts, the time flows easily, for living our true feelings and expressing ourselves honestly brings a deep sense of self awareness. Because we focus on the moment and live it when it happens,

RAinbow - Mark Riddick on Flickr

Meditation and prayer works for me, we all have a means or method that works for us.  The trick is to practice our “personal philosophy” not just give it a place on a shelf, we have to put into practice what know works for us.  Not just now and then, or when an emergency moment happens, we need to practice, and hone our spiritual connection daily till there is no doubt in our minds that it is there.  Then we  always know that we are never alone,the Universe is part of us, therefore a storm cloud is merely a moment in time, it will pass.  Be Happy!  Smile, feel the  joy and double it.  Pass it on!

water, calm found on scoop Jesus Hernandex

Namaste  – Oyashikiri


* Clouds out of Cromwell by 68 Bones on Flickr

** yellow boat by Jamie Walhouse on Flickr

*** blue sky rainbow by icecubephoto – Flickr

**** found on scoop.it


Good Morning everyone, its Sunday, YAY!!! Another week begins.  I began my day by wrestling on what picture to share with you today, then decided that I would share both.   Why not, these are both wonderful, photographs that show true artistry with a camera and presentation.  Both pieces of “art” were taken in the Nederlands.


I personally fell in love with this photo because of the atmosphere and mood that the photographer created, the life he/she gave it.  Photography is an “art” that gives the viewer not only a look at what possibly the artist was seeing, but it talks to the viewer and allows us to see that  moment captured in time, and reflect on the moment in a place and time that otherwise we would have missed.

This is the second offering of the day, it took my breath away, talk about being at the right place at the right time, and having the skill and perception to  capture the moment so that it could be shared. Misty Posbank-National Park Velluwezoom, Rheden, Netherlands was taken by Patrick Strik



Always look at choices as opportunities, whatever you decide will provide you with rich and rewarding possibilities.

Blessings for a grand and wonderful day!!    Wherever you are, whatever you are doing…..  Oyashikiei…..

photos are also on  my Pinterest board..Qyhat Harbour

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