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Kejimkujik National Park, NS

_mll5657 nova scotia

Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia, a very large and lovely area, with many hiking trails, rivers and falls.  Included are areas sacred to the indigenous MiKmaw people of Nova Scotia.  (photo M. Lewis)

I saw the picture on social media, and was totally blown away, especially after I found the face that was looking out from behind the trees.  I just loved the picture… so was taking a closer look, and et voila, beautiful isn’t it.  The photographer, often has breath-taking photos… this one, begged a second look.  I am so thankful, that my request to use the picture was greeted with an affirmative answer.  Another reason for considering visiting Nova Scotia again.  It has been too long since my last visit.

PL Calendar, day 12   Be cheerful and Carefree

Without putting on airs or trying to be someone you aren’t just be yourself.  This will give people a good impression of you and things will move forward in the right direction.

This world is filled with wonders still to be discovered.   Let’s go forward into 2019, with peace in our hearts, and the desire to  be in, and share more of the natural wonders in this great land of ours.





China,Zhangijajie National Park

For years, China’s history and her folk-lore have been

part of my heritage and hold  a special place in my heart

China, zhangjiajie national park

land of fantasy and myth

a place where  Pandora came to light

how enchanting, riveting and bright

is the memory of the geography

that first gave me glimpse into a world

that captured my imagination and drew me in

china in black and white

the reality of what it must be like to live work and play

in such a world is way beyond what I live

in my own personal day-to-day


Yet like the discoveries of yesterday

we too, our lives as we live today

will be the wonder of another generation

Now more than ever,

we should be aware of how in the past,

a whole way of life changed


and remember this, each man, woman and child

lived, laughed, loved and cried

like we do today.

China, national park Anan Charoenkal flickr

the lands stay fertile and the mists still shroud the rock faces

for they are part of Nature, and live their natural cycles

with acceptance and grace, growing and harmonizing

with the environment and the life around them

Why is it, that we (humans beings) feel a  need to conquer

divide,fight and control

China at night

Peace on Earth

Goodwill to all

PL Precept 14    World Peace is Everything


Zhangjiiajie National park,China,habipatayev,flickr


the guardian.com


Good Morning everyone, its Sunday, YAY!!! Another week begins.  I began my day by wrestling on what picture to share with you today, then decided that I would share both.   Why not, these are both wonderful, photographs that show true artistry with a camera and presentation.  Both pieces of “art” were taken in the Nederlands.


I personally fell in love with this photo because of the atmosphere and mood that the photographer created, the life he/she gave it.  Photography is an “art” that gives the viewer not only a look at what possibly the artist was seeing, but it talks to the viewer and allows us to see that  moment captured in time, and reflect on the moment in a place and time that otherwise we would have missed.

This is the second offering of the day, it took my breath away, talk about being at the right place at the right time, and having the skill and perception to  capture the moment so that it could be shared. Misty Posbank-National Park Velluwezoom, Rheden, Netherlands was taken by Patrick Strik



Always look at choices as opportunities, whatever you decide will provide you with rich and rewarding possibilities.

Blessings for a grand and wonderful day!!    Wherever you are, whatever you are doing…..  Oyashikiei…..

photos are also on  my Pinterest board..Qyhat Harbour

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