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Chop suey 9.27.16 -abandoned


There are times when I feel simply overwhelmed by the creativity of others.  Thus was the case here, my husband is used to my hollering “stop the car, stop the car” and having to pull over turn around and bring me back to the “whatever” that brought on this outburst.  I was totally taken by this building, it was once an antique car lot.  The detail, the whimsical  character of the architecture.  I would have loved to have met the previous owner.


See the tie man!!  I loved, loved, loved it.  I toured around the building, as much as I could without being an intruder.


The second floor balconies made me itch with curiosity.  Wanting a ladder or access to the inside to I could get closer..  I’ll post a shot from the road, so you can see what I first saw.


Like HELLO.. how could I just drive by and not get a closer look.  It was on getting closer that I saw all the details, and the charming way the owner had put character into the building.

This is what life is.  Think about it.  How often do you meet someone, or see someone and think, how interesting, I wonder??  But, we never follow through, we never take that chance .. we are polite, and go about our business. I was blessed that in growing up, I was encouraged to meet and greet the world in a positive light.

Not only in old abandoned buildings and lost,left behind vehicles do I see beauty and wonder.  I see it in my fellow-man.

PL Precept #10  Love Yourself and Others

PL Principle # 3   I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things.

There will be more pictures of this house, (Norm’s “Thursday Doors”  but before I sign off, please let me show you the car that was left behind. It was being textured by Mother Nature, she was looking “some” good…=^_^=


Beauty if in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it ….

For those of you who love “rust detailing” and the different patina that Mother Nature can bestow on metal

this car is showing a lot of promise

p1000401 p1000402


China,Zhangijajie National Park

For years, China’s history and her folk-lore have been

part of my heritage and hold  a special place in my heart

China, zhangjiajie national park

land of fantasy and myth

a place where  Pandora came to light

how enchanting, riveting and bright

is the memory of the geography

that first gave me glimpse into a world

that captured my imagination and drew me in

china in black and white

the reality of what it must be like to live work and play

in such a world is way beyond what I live

in my own personal day-to-day


Yet like the discoveries of yesterday

we too, our lives as we live today

will be the wonder of another generation

Now more than ever,

we should be aware of how in the past,

a whole way of life changed


and remember this, each man, woman and child

lived, laughed, loved and cried

like we do today.

China, national park Anan Charoenkal flickr

the lands stay fertile and the mists still shroud the rock faces

for they are part of Nature, and live their natural cycles

with acceptance and grace, growing and harmonizing

with the environment and the life around them

Why is it, that we (humans beings) feel a  need to conquer

divide,fight and control

China at night

Peace on Earth

Goodwill to all

PL Precept 14    World Peace is Everything


Zhangjiiajie National park,China,habipatayev,flickr


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