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weather -whether

China, snow castle

This is a picture of the Snow Castle built for the Harbin Snow Festival in China.

snow, NY city

A not so much fun time for commuters in NY City after/during a winter storm

Sand storm

How about this, this is a sand storm, never experienced one, and hope not to, this is my first time to even see one

Weather happens, we have absolutely no control on what will appear over the horizon, we can guess, forecast, but the truth is, the world is so big and there are so many factors involved that we are never really sure .. the only certainty is when it happens.  We all know the possibilities, we all have experienced the weather in one form or another.  Sometimes it has been simply blissful, and other times, downright problematic, but we deal with it.  What else can we do.  Rain, or shine, the core of it all … is… we are alive… we are living it.

Each day is a new beginning, it really and truly is.  Yes the weather can be fierce, but it can also be like this.

Canadian Rockies, lodge

For this picture to have been taken, (Emerald Lake Lodge, Canadian Rocky Mountains) there had to have been a snow fall, lots of it. In life, it is our choice to see and dwell on the negatives, or whether we take action, deal with it, and move on.   Whether we like or love the weather, it doesn’t matter, it is here, now and always …. our forever companion through this journey of  ours here on earth.

snow and sun

The sun shines, even when it snows.  So can you.  Whether we are happy or not, that is our decision, and ours alone.  Weather is not the indicator or reason for our “moods”…

snow, loving it

This little critter is basking in the sunlight……….  enjoy

When we live with love in our hearts

we are weather proof


PL Precept # 7    Everything exists in Relativity

PL Principles # 2     I will not have complaints about others, matters, nor the weather,  Rather 

I will always be creative and will look for shortcomings in my own thinking and actions.

Namaste    –     Oyashikiri

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  1. As always your post is a vibrant one,replete with lovely pictures and inspiring words….I will not have complaint s …….Thanks for the lovely post. My day is done.

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