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Pine Grove Trail

I was so sad this morning when I visited P18 otherwise known as PIne Grove Trail. You can see the destruction of this beautiful location .. it is completely torn up. My husband and I walked the dogs there years ago.. it was such a beautiful serene area. The story I wrote about the woodland creatures was set in this location. Seeing the devastation was heart wrenching.

Times like this brings home.. nothing is forever. Forever is now.. in that moment. The trees were like cathedral walls, their canopy was magical. Now as you can see, what was, is no longer. When the crews finally do get in to start clearing away the fallen trees, the landscape will be forever changed.

Much like my world without someone I thought would be in my life “forever”.. was called away into his own “forever” – life IS. only we (me, myself and I) can make changes within our “selves”

Start today with a fresh outlook. Even though people and situations may look the same, they are constantly changing. Start each day with a fresh mind.

Perfect Liberty 2022.17
always and forever

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  1. Thank you for sharing your feelings. Yes, nothing is forever. We have to learn to take each day aside comes, make changes if possible or accept if not.

  2. Yes. We lose what we don’t value.

  3. It’s a sad sight but nature will recover, it’s what it does.

  4. Your words are deeply moving. Thank you for sharing them.

  5. This is why I do not like to come back to some places I loved before, because they are not the same I knew them. It is really sad, but it is the reality. It is better to save the memories and imaginations about such a places.

    • thanks Alexander and you would understand.. cuz like me you “see’ with an “eye” that sees “detail” and the personality and character of a place when we visit. Hope you are the start of a new season… curious. you crossed the border to get pictures?

      • I did not cross the border till now. We had Ukrainian family with us for four months and tried to ease their feelings and mind. Unfortunately, despite the situation in there country, which is sill horrible, they came back home on June 20. We had wonderful time together but their heartbreaking story did not allow to relax and have fun in full capacity.
        Now we are feeling lonely and trying to come back on a track. Then we’ll see what to plan and where to go.
        You stay safe and healthy. Have a nice weekend and enjoy your every single day life. 🙂

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