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captured in time

Timing when taking a picture is everything – the photographer catches that moment in time,  It is an artistic moment.


The light, the shadows, the focus and the intent, will be forever on display


there isn’t always someone

ready with a camera or lenses

to capture that moment for us

c607ad8237d70c0496d7ba8490debf4f no matter

if we were part of that moment, the feelings, the emotion of that moment, live within in us forever

if we were the subject(s) our perception of that moment, will not be the same as the photographer’s


Yet it was together, that the moment was captured.  There could not have been that moment without the collaboration or sharing of that space and time

Today I bow my head in prayer

that my day will be one of happiness and sharing

love/GOD  is within me, in sharing

even if simply with a smile

that smile will spread for miles

for GOD is everywhere

and each moment lived

will be a blessing to be shared

in love and peace with all mankind.

Namaste    –   Oyashikiri

DIY rustic barn wedding



thedsigninginspriation.com (photographer Amo Rafael Minkkinen) not photoshopped!

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  1. Thanks visit my blog. Hope you will enjoy the cartoons.

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