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Bom dia, Good morning !

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Where are your thoughts today. When the days past have been busy and full, have you made time for you.  Have you made time to say THANK YOU for all you’ve received so far, yes whether for the challenges or the joys.  Does your heart rejoice at the end of the day?

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When I first began a life of teaching and service I was a student of life, many decades later, I am constantly learning and relearning lessons that I thought I had learned already.  However, when I reflect on my most inner feelings, or when my emotions are being rendered senseless with constant chatter from my tattle telling mind, I realize that I’ve been forgetting that I am the captain of my ship.  Whatever the circumstance, it was through my choices over time that I am currently in the puddle I’m in.  Sigh, the quotes and sayings that are posted all over social media, and used in my blog and others,  are great, but reading them and acknowledging the truth of them isn’t enough.


We have to live the words we believe in, we have to acknowledge and give thanks to  the Universe for the learning we are acquiring. Live and learn brothers and sisters,this is life, this is living.  Express and live with full Makoto (sincerity)  Reach out and say thank you today when you can, even for minor matters, smile from the heart and have a blessed day.

lotus flower - flickr.com  Bahman Farzad

White Lotus -Sanskrit Pundarika – in Buddhism, the lotus flower resembles the purifying of the spirit which is born into murkiness. =^_^=

Namaste   – Oyashikiri

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Lotus -Bahman Farzad on flickr

to be or not to be

In my case, it is to write or not to write.  I’ve been dithering back and forth for days I’ve had a lot of things to say, yet the words simply didn’t want to come together.  Whether it was an opinion, a passing thought, I lacked the passion to sit down and process and put to “paper”.  A lot has been going on in my life, we are planning to leave next week for a road trip down into the States.  Exciting yes.  I’ve been wading through the book 50 shades of grey.  Impressed no.  But I did buy it, all 3 in the combined 3 book that was available, so I’m persisting, hoping that it will WoW me.  If you’ve read it, please tell me what you thought?  Did you find it worth the time you put into reading it?  It has certainly had good press.

My fashion/lifestyle blog is going great guns.  I find it amazing that (1) there are so many wonderful creative ideas out there, and that I get to explore and enjoy the diversity. (2) That some designers lack the “people skills” to say thank you when they are given a write up, unsolicited and positive, yes they know it happened, because I and other professional writers who blog, notify them when their product or event is blogged.

I’ve discovered that not going to the “club” (The Athletic Club) on a daily basis, is an activity that I miss,  (I’ve taken a LOA for the time I’ll be away, and the weeks leading up to the vacation so that I can “prepare”)

Yesterday was the service to celebrate 2012 Kyoso-Sai (Founder’s Day)  My first time, I really enjoyed it.  Google Perfect Liberty for more information.

This is a picture of the “pants” that I find comfortable to wear, and hard to find.  I was on a mission, I’m happy to report that I now have several different varieties

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