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Wednesday moments

The day was sunny and bright when I started out, then it began to cloud. I was surprised at how fast the day went from bright to overcast. What also surprised me was that so many of the houses, store fronts, and businesses, were devoid of Holiday Decor. Unusual, I think this is the first time I have seen the city look so bleak. I heard the weather forecast, it seems there is a big snow storm brewing that will hit the eastern States, they mentioned NY and PA. But, since that same storm is what is affecting us with the cloud cover, it must be a “beauty”. I also heard that Michigan was hit recently with a big storm. You can see from my pictures, there is not much snow in our area. Still I would have expected more Holiday displays during my drive.

Strive to overcome obstacles by changing your mind-frame. Things don’t always go as planned. When that happens, try changing how you look at the situation or how you are doing things. The outcome is in your hands.

Perfect Liberty 2020.17

My friends were out again this morning. I didn’t get a wave, but this one did snort and give a hoof stomp as I passed. =^_^=

Life is ever changing. PL Precept # 7 Everything exists in Relativity.

PL Precept # 11 Always be with God

There is always a reason something happens the way it does. PL Precept # 17 Grasp what is most essential.


happiness is

borzoi puppies
this is an adult Borzoi

These adorable bundles of joy are from the Freckashpeng kennels in Winchester, Ontario. Canada

Having gone out in the cold fresh day, I thought a little bit of soft cuddling would be in order. =^_^=

Enjoy the sunshine everyone! Hot soup and sandwich time, before heading out again..




Fence – ” a barrier enclosing an area” . “enclose or close off an area”.. “practice the art of fencing”

some are put there for our safety, some or not respected
some get old and stand neglected

As I lay listening to the wind and rain last night, I heard how it began a tentative tapping and saw easy swaying of the branches. Later I was surprised by a demanding angry energy that caused quite a stir outside the house. I was grateful for the walls of the house that kept me safe inside from what sounded like a cold blustering howl of an energy. Any lingering dust on the windows or lying about outside, would be whisked away, I had no doubt.

I heard the rain as it pelted against the window panes, it fell washing/drenching everything in its path. Yet this morning, when I let the dogs out, the ground was already starting to dry. Not because of the sunshine, (there is none it was 6 a.m. and dark) but because where last night the wind brought the rain, now it was on its own, and drying out the wetness of the rain.

Hmmm only 30% precipitation for today, with a high of 42F not bad, winds could get up to 17 mph. Looks like a day to bundle up.

Your willingness to learn will make you shine even brighter. As long as you are motivated to learn more, you will continue to progress in life.

Perfect Liberty 2020.16

Do fences/walls keep you in? (real or imaginary)


Fun find

someone was getting ready for December

Adorable little fun wood pieces all decked out for the hollidays. This was my favourite

had the vendor been around i would have likely given this little guy a home for the holidays.
there were two very vocal dogs tending the stand, indoors behind a solid door, never-the-less I don’t think they were inclined to want to make change.

Another sun filled day in the capitol. Temperature is to climb as the day wears on.

Enjoy the day everyone, be productive, efficient, whatever brings a smile. And remember, share that smile of yours, it is priceless.


Give it your best

If you’re going to do it, give it your best effort. your actions will be dulled if you worry too much about the outcome. Once you decide on a course of action, don’t hesitate to complete your task.

Perfect Liberty 2016.15

A cheerful smile and expression makes everyone around you happy. When you do everything with a smile, not only you but the people around you will feel good. Always remember to put on a happy face.

Perfect Liberty 2014.15


new cards ready

Good Morning everyone, how are you this fine sunny morning? Cards are made for the church, they are used to raise $ for the church and available at a tea room in the downtown tourist area, and I believe in a small art gallery bistro. (I know members know this, but we have new readers, =^_^= fyi… This is the first new batch in a while. )

A big thank you to all of you who have commented on the Thursday door post, I hope that I haven’t missed responding to someone. You were all very receptive to my wander in the forest too. I’m so lucky to have you in my life, your comments and little notes are very appreciated. I feel so blessed, I truly do. All because you share a little time with me when you can, it always makes me smile.

Offer your services instead of expecting from others. Take the initiative to do what you can to help others. Understand their needs and act swiftly.

Perfect Liberty 2020.14

Always pray to become a better person. If you are content with the status quo, your progress will stop. Always seek for ways to improve yourself and continue to move forward one step at a time.

Perfect Liberty 2014.12

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.



cards handmade by me

pair of walking shoes now in back of car =^_^=

not how you look-

It is not about how we look, or what we have in possessions, it is about how we are, and how we feel.. Truly love and appreciate who you are, where you have been, and where you are now. Appreciation, gratitude, love, are not just words, but a way of life.


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