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have you seen my umbrella

Have you seen my umbrella?  I asked myself not that long ago when the last time was I used an umbrella.  I honestly could not recall when I has last used one, or even, where there was one in the  house..image by John HancockThere was a time when just the sight of a cloud had me carrying an umbrella, what changed, Something has to have changed, obviously it was a subtle, and slow change, because I do not recall the exact moment where I no longer cared to have one with me, or feel the need for one.

Life is not something that happens instantly, nor are we always aware of how something came about, or why something is.If we are present in our everyday moments, then we deal with each occurence as it happens.


Once I stopped seeing rain as something to avoid, it simply because another aspect of my day.  It didn’t affect whether or not I was happy or not.

For sure I appreciate the way the earth responds to rain, the grass gets greener, the trees stand taller, and if you are out in the garden after a summer rain shower, you often get to enjoy the wonderful fragrances of the flowers and vegetation like you never do at any other time.

At church today when the formal part of the service was being performed, I found myself drifting off into a relaxed state, the tension in my shoulders eased, and my eyes closed in prayer.  The peace and power of prayer is so powerful that during that space in time, I was transported to another dimension.

Love filled my thoughts, my mind, my being was permeated with a divine sense of total Oneness with the moment.


Love = God = Prayer


image-by Joseph Hancock

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