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Wednesday 8th


Day 8 of the PL calendar

First accept Everything

Life is filled with moments, sometimes happy and at times inconvenient.  It is important to first accept every situation as it occurs and try to accept and understand it for what it is.

Bom dia!! Greetings on another bright sunny morning.  Mid week already, where doe the time go.


It was  fantastic day yesterday to travel the roads, the trees along the highway are starting to bud, I could feel the anticipation in every direction.  The water levels were still very high as we approached the West Island (heading into Montreal).  We observed that the water was still half way up the trees that would usually be above the water line on dry land.

Please take time to remember that tho’ the weather is currently dry, there are thousands who have suffered severe water damage over the last weeks, and need our prayers.  Not just a few, but many people have lost year of memories and accumulated treasures, and are finding themselves in a place of sadness with weeks and months of rebuilding and hard work just to regain a sense of “normal”

Life is a succession of lessons, which must be lived to be understood– Ralph Waldo Emerson


wall art -small town Ontario

trial and error

icing paste3

Good Morning, Bom dia!

The day is young and really not decided on what it is going to do.  The forecast says rain and lots of it.  In our area, there has been a lot of flooding already, this newest bit of rain could be a real disaster for many at risk communities.  My prayers go out to all of you at this time.

Across the river on the Quebec side, the military has been brought in to help with the filling of sandbags and volunteers from all around are coming around donating their time.  It is in such times that we see how community pulls together despite any differences at other times.  Oyashikiri.

What you see above is my trying out a new product, seeing what it can do with a variety of molds or embossing/texture plates.  The product used (coloured) is by Finnabair, called Icing paste (Prima marketing),  It is through trial and error that I will find how it will work with my particular style of “working”.  The challenge and opportunity of discovery.  I love it.

PL calendar day 26       Put your whole heart into whatever you do, no matter when or where you are.

Don’t try to cut corners or be careless about things.  Be fully responsible, completing whatever you set out to do.





I remembered I had a picture that would give a visual on what some areas are like in our part of the world right now.  Many people have been and are dealing with flooding. Not just one or two areas, many places in the Province, not only cottage country, any where,  there is water.  Our lakes, and rivers are swollen and over flowing their banks. People are scrambling to save what they can.  There have been thousands and thousands of sand bags filled and carried to numerous destinations.  Still the water rises.

According to weather specialists, we’ve not seen the likes in decades, records have been broken.  The climate changes  the world is experiencing is all very real.

Please pray for those in need, and give thanks of appreciation to the many generous souls who have come forward to volunteer their time and help to those who are having to face the raging rising waters, and watch helplessly as their property disappears under the incoming tides.

PL Precept # 18  Each moment is a turning Point

PL Precept #16  All things progress and develop.

This too shall pass, meanwhile, pray…



Unfolding of Time

church,Romania village of Bezidu

In 1988 the village of Bezidu Nou in Romania  was flooded.  Only these two churches remained above the water,  This (above) was a picture of the churches in 1995

church Romania 2008

By   2008 only one remained, the land around, you can see has been dramatically changed.  In 2014 this is what a visitor to the site will find.

Church Romania 2014 -courtesy lacihobo,Utikalauz,causs and zuzsa Mate

pictures courtesty, lachihobo,Utikalauz,Causss and Zsuzsa Mate

There is an expression that comes to mind, “never judge a book by its cover”.  People we meet, friends we already know, even family, how much do we really know about them.  We see only the “face” presented to us.  Even over time, we may see the gradual changes, but do we really go beyond what we see in that given moment of time.

Good relationships begin by the simple act of greeting one another.  I’ve had too many “how are you” spoken to me, without any real intent on the other person’ part to really hear my response.  It is a throw away question or remark.   As is, “I’m fine thank you, and you?”  Usually or often, the person has moved on before you are really finished with the formality of a greeting.

Let us try today to show respect and a genuine caring when we interact with others,  Smile from the heart, when you pass a stranger if your eyes meet, smile, nod it is a feel good feeling.   When driving on rural back roads often the residents will wave as we pass, we wave back, its friendly and a welcome exchange between strangers.  You find yourself smiling, it was a happy exchange …

Walls may crumble and disappear, but the happiness in your heart will always be there. Treasure and nurture it.

Have a super fantastic day my friends,  Know that you are in my prayers and that love is being sent your way today and always.   Blessings be.                                  

May the Universe wrap you in a calm,serene embrace

May the faith and spirit within you

cast out the darkness, bathing you  in a light

that will fill you with eternal grace.

Namaste  – Oyashikiri 

words by Q


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